• 4550 Adams Rite Lever For MS1850S

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The Adams Rite 4550 Lever is for use with the Adams Rite MS1850S Deadlocks.


NOTE: Not compatible with 7/8” backset locks.

Adams Rite 4550 Information

4550 Lever


3” long aluminum with end-return design offers comfortable grip to lock or unlock.


Aluminum casting is 1-3/8 wide x 7-1/2 long x 1 deep.  Attached to door stile by four #10 screws.

Stop Clearance

Lever housing projects 11/16 forward of cylinder backset centerline. Depending on height of door stop and width of door/jamb gap, it may be necessary to modify the stop to clear the housing. (For fin type stops, this is easily accomplished.) Hollow stops may preclude use of lever.


Easy unlocking of any MS deadbolt by approximately 3 lbs. downward force on a 3" lever. Lever is spring loaded to horizontal, relocks with upward motion. Indicator signals lock status. Can be installed in place of existing key cylinder or cylinder type thumbturn on inside of door.


Words “LOCKED” in red letters or “OPEN” in black letters appear on white background when lock is thrown or retracted. Indicator is driven by lock bolt itself.

Compatible Deadbolts

Any MS pivoted bolt deadbolt including “Schoolhouse” versions can be fitted with the 4550: MS1850S, MS1950, MS1837, etc. Derivative units such as 1870, 1870HM or 1877 flushbolts (bolt into threshold) are also operable by the

4550 lever. Not compatible with MS+1890 latchlock or with 7/8 backset locks.


Turn lever downward 90o to unlock. When released, lever returns to horizontal. Turn lever upward 90o to relock. Key operation from outside is not affected. Clutching action prevents damage to internal components.


Available in three Ritecoat finishes to match anodized aluminum finishes. Can be ordered for left or right hand door, but is rehandable in the field.

Standard Package

Individually boxed with installation instructions, mounting screws and drive pins for both single point and threshold bolt equipped locks. Shipping weight: 1 lb.

4550 Adams Rite Lever For MS1850S

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