• 704S Glynn-Johnson Heavy Duty Overhead Door Stop

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704S Glynn Johnson Heavy Duty Door Stop

Door Opening Measurement

Doors With Butt Hinge or Offset Pivot: Door Opening - 33 1/16" to 39"

Center Hung Doors: Door Opening - 39-1/16"–45"

For Stop with Hold-Open see: 704H

Glynn Johnson Overhead Door Stop/Holder Information

Glynn-Johnson offers a complete line of overhead holders and stops, providing solutions for the most complex door controlproblems. Glynn-Johnson 70 series surface-mounted holders and stops are designed to meet the demands of high-traffic industrial applications. These units are simple to install.

Compatible with a variety of door closers, these models come with templates to allow for variable mounting positions, ranging from 85º to 110º Hold-Open/Stop angle. These templates are designed for installation in almost all types of doors, including doors with conventional butt-type hinges or specialty hinges.

704S Glynn-Johnson Heavy Duty Overhead Door Stop

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