• XMS Securitron Exit Motion Sensor

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The Securitron XMS Exit Motion Sensor is a motion detector specifically designed to reliably release magnetic locks. A person approaching the door is "seen" by the motion detector just before reaching the door.

Versatile Motion Detection for Hands-Free Exit Request

The XMS Passive Infrared motion sensor reliably detects motion near a door and releases its magnetic lock. Versatile mounting options and an easily adjustable infrared beam pattern provide optimal coverage of the egress area for smooth, hands-free lock release and exit.

Passive infrared request-to-exit for mag lock release.

12/24VDC, 50mA.

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Product Features

  • Passive Infrared Request to Exit Device
  • Designed to reliably release magnetic locks
  • Automatically cuts power to the lock, allowing the individual to exit without even realizing that the door is secured
  • Request to Exit (REX) output
  • Easily adjustable beam pattern
  • Adjustable time relock
  • UL Listed


-ANSI/UL 294 Listed

-Indoor use only

-Dimensions: 7” L x 1-7/8” W x 1-3/4” H

-Electrical: 20mA-50mA (depending on switching status) at 12VDC or 24VDC

-Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs. [0.23 kg.]

XMS Securitron Exit Motion Sensor

  • $130.00