• 4085-IB Adams Rite Positioner Bolt & Header Strike

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Adams Rite 4085-IB Positioner Bolt & Header Strike for aluminum stile doors, ANSI/BHMA Type E8261 (Grade 1).

603 (zinc)

Pairs of doors only.

Adams Rite 4085 Info

4085-IB Positioner Bolt & Header Strike


Minor adjustment of rod length is accomplished by turning nylon rod end.

Header Bolt

½” x 1-1/2” expanding bolt with 5/8” throw.  Housed in 1-1/2” x 2-3/4” x 5/8” case.


Designed to add a top-of-door third locking point for pairs of doors with an MS® pivoted bolt deadbolt and 4015 Threshold bolt in the active leaf.  The 4085 is mounted in the inactive leaf.  This additional bolt, triggered by the pivoted MS® bolt, expands in a “scissors” action to center itself in its strike as it rises.  This action saves the key holder from the difficulty of lining up the doors with three separate strikes, even if doors are misaligned due to faulty installation or settling.  The three-point features may be added to any basic MS1850S/MS1850SN or MS1950 deadbolt.

Threshold Bolt

Hexagonal 3/8” flat to flat.  Made of stainless steel.


360° turn of key or thumb turn in basic MS® lock throws counterbalanced bolt into opposite door and drop-bolt into threshold.  Key can be removed only when bolts are in a positively locked or unlocked position.


For “universal” application, specify 4015-18 with fully threaded rod for cut off to any cylinder height below 53”.  For greater height or precut rod for high volume use, specify exact cylinder height.  Order 4085 Header Bolt and 4016 Header Bolt separately.

Standard Package

Packaged separately with bolt guide, screws and attachment pin.  Shipping weight: 1 lb.

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4085-IB Adams Rite Positioner Bolt & Header Strike

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