• 7100-540-628-00 Adams Rite Electric Strike - 24VAC - Fail Secure

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Adams Rite 7100-540-628-00 is a Flat, 24VDC, 17mA, Std/Fail Secure Electric Strike for use with AR Deadlatches or Cylindrical Latches.

AC Intermittent

For Aluminum Jambs (equal to 7800 & 7840)

ANSI/BHMA Type E09321 (Grade 1)

Adams Rite 7100 series Information


Approx. 1” x 3-3/8” x 1-5/8” deep.  Zinc-aluminum alloy.

Strike Lip

Basic 7100 strike has lip of proper length for 1-3/4” thick door that closes flush with jamb edge.  Where door thickness or jamb shape differs from this standard relationship, extended lip available, specified by last dash number.  (Not available on 7101)

Fail Safe/Fail Secure

Field convertible from one mode to the other.  However, AC intermittent solenoid must not be used continuously in either.

Strike Opening

5/8” x 1-7/16” x 1/2” deep.  Bolt retainer jaw is stainless steel.  Strike accepts bolt of any Adams Rite 4500/4700/4900 Series deadlatch or cylindrical latches.


Measures 1-1/4” x 4-7/8”.  7100 has flat faceplate; 7101 is radiused to match nose on inactive lead in a pair of narrow stile glass doors. 


Remote electrical control of any door equipped with an Adams Rite Series 4500/4700/4900 (or similar) deadlatch or “key-in-knob” sets.  Electrical actuation unlocks strike jaw, releasing latchbolt so door can be opened without operating latch itself.  Extremely compact mechanism fits into aluminum jamb (or opposing door) sections as shallow as 1-5/8”.  Fits prep for 7500/7800/7000 Series.

Standard Package

Individually boxed with mounting screws, mounting clips and adhesive shims to accommodate jamb or stile extrusion thickness greater or less than normal 1/8”.


Choice of voltage in AC and DC for intermittent or continuous duty.  Series 7100 (flat) available with extended strike lip.  Specify assembled for either fail-secure (locked when unpowered) or fail-safe (locked when powered) operation, but can be field-converted to the other mode.

4603 Rectifier – Converts AC to DC, installs in low voltage line between transformer and strike.  Rated 2 amps. (200 PIV)

4605 Transformer – Converts 10VAC to 12/24VAC.  Rated 40 Volt-amp output assures plenty of power for strike release.  Patented mounting bracket fits in knockout hole of standard junction boxes.

4606 Transformer – Plug-in version for standard wall outlet.

See catalog for more information on Strike options.



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7100-540-628-00 Adams Rite Electric Strike - 24VAC - Fail Secure

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