• 8099-M1 Adams Rite Monitored Dummy Pushbar - Single Switch

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Adams Rite 8099-M1 Narrow Stile Monitored Single Switch Dummy Pushbar for exit devices with a 36” door opening width.  Active Dummy Bar with Switch - SPDT monitor switch in bar can be wired normally open or normally closed to operate maglock, alarm, or similar. No latching mechanism.

Monitored Dummy Pushbar

Dummy pushbar with no latch mechanism, but with either a single or dual monitor/signal switch.  Most common application is in conjunction with a maglock where bar is used to turn off magnet and allow exit from building.  Dual switch version allows redundancy where required by code or the operation of a signal device along with maglock.  Specify door type and width when ordering.       

The 8099-00 is also available as a non-operating dummy for doors not requiring an exit device, but where matching trim is desired.  Specify door type, opening width and finish to be matched.

Monitor/Signal Switch

M1-Single Switch

M2-Dual Switch

A switch in the exit device pushbar mounted on the hinge end.  Switch can be used to activate signal light, horn, monitor or other devices.  Most common application is to release maglock when pushbar is depressed.  Switch can be wired for normally open or normally closed depending upon application.  Can be retrofit in field to existing exit device.  Dual switch version offer redundancy as required by some building codes or the option of operating a second signaling device.

Specify “M1” or “M2” after exit device model number.

Monitor Kits for upgrading any 3000 or 8000 Series devices: 91-0897-01-Single Switch  91-0897-02-Dual Switch.


-ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1

- UL Listed Life Safety

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8099-M1 Adams Rite Monitored Dummy Pushbar - Single Switch

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