• 8622LR-36 Adams Rite Latch Retraction CVR - 24VDC, .5 Amps (313)

*Actual product and finish may vary

8622LR-36 Adams Rite Latch Retraction CVR - 24VDC, .5 Amps with electric latch retraction concealed vertical rod exit devices for aluminum stile glass doors with 2" minimum stile.

Model 8622LRL-36 includes 313 Dark Bronze Anodized pushbar finish w/Electric Latch Retraction for a 36” door opening width.

The LR option uses a solenoid mounted in push bar for instantaneous unlocking and locking of exit device from a remote location. The device is fail secure and can be used on fire rated as well as life safety applications.

The entire line of Adams Rite Exit Devices can be ordered with electrification options for stand-alone access control or integration with maglocks, card readers, keypads, fire alarms and other control systems.  Different exit device types have different installation and power requirements.  See the EXIT DEVICE Section of the Catalog for information on all available types and functions.

Adams Rite 8622LR-36 Latch Retraction Information


-Electric latch retraction feature allows for the remote unlatching of exit devices from a remote location or a access control device, fail secure operation.


-36" bar with aluminum finish

-Minimum stile 2". Fits narrow, medium and wide stile aluminum doors.

-Non handed.

-For 1-3/4" thick doors standard.

-Push bar length can be cut to size in the field to the next smallest opening width.


-Adams Rite exit devices fully meet building codes and ADA guidelines for accessibility.

-Strike- standard and narrow version supplied with device.

-Pushbar made of extruded aluminum.

-Patented “Starwheel” Bolt interlocks door to frame.


8600 Series Certifications:

UL 305 Panic Hardware

California State Fire Marshall

ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1

New York City MEA*

*Consult Factory for specific number

PS-LR Power Supply

This Adams Rite power supply is required for the Electric Latch retraction option on Surface Vertical Rod, Concealed Vertical Rod and Mortise type exit devices.  It operates at 28VDC to power up to two LR exit devices in sequential or independent modes and is equipped with automatic door interface circuitry.

Electric Latch Retraction

The EL and LR options use a solenoid mounted in pushbar for instantaneous unlocking and locking of the exit device from a remote location or access control device.  Because electrical operation of device is fail-secure, this option can be used on fire-rated as well as life-safety applications.  In the event of a power failure, device automatically relatches.  CVR, SVR and Mortise devices require the use of PS-LR Power Supply.  For battery backup order the BBK-LR kit.  Batteries are available by others.  Rim devices are available in 12 or 24VDC and can be powered with a simple transformer and rectifier or other DC power supply.

Order PS-LR Power Supply separately.

Solenoid Specifications for CVR, SVR and Mortise: 16Amps Inrush/.5Amps Hold

Solenoid Specifications for Rim: EL-12VDC - 1.5Amps Inrush/Hold  EL-24VDC  - .6 Amps Inrush/Hold

Solenoids are rated for both intermittent and continuous operation.  Also see 4612 Power Transfer.

Standard EL and LR Devices are shipped without Hex Key Dogging.  Only Rim devices with the “EL” application are available with mechanical dogging, specify “ELD”.

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8622LR-36 Adams Rite Latch Retraction CVR - 24VDC, .5 Amps (313)

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