• LEF-5C Aiphone Master Selective Call Station wAll Call, Door Release

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LEF-5C Aiphone Master Selective Call Station w/Selective Door Release Semi Flush Mount

The LEF-5C is a selective calling open voice style master  station,  used  to  answer  calls  from  other remotes or masters.  The system can be designed to include  any  combination  of  master  and  sub stations. The LEF-5C can be a part of a larger system with  the  ability  to  communicate  with  five  other stations,  selectively  release  doors, plus  make  an All Call and/or receive background music.

Aiphone LEF-5C Information: http://aiphone.com/home/assets/Uploads/downloads/documents/products/specs/LEF-5C-SS.pdf

Power source: 12V DC, 300mA per station. Use  PS-1225UL
Output: 800mW  @  20  ohms  (reception), 500mW  @  20  ohms  (transmission)
Communication: Press-to-talk,  release-to-listen  at master station.  Hands free response.
Talk channel: 1 talkpath.  Occupied LED when in use.
Capacity: Up to 6 stations, intermixable
Wiring: 5  common wires (E, R, Y, +, -), plus 1 individual wire per station, looped.
All Call: 3 add’l common wires (P1~P3).
Door Release: 1 add’l common (L), plus 1 add’l wire for each door to be released (K1~K5).
Sub stations:  2 wires homerun in single master system, or 2 common wires (E, -), plus 1 individual wire per station, looped or homerun.
Wiring  Distance: 650’  w/22AWG;  1600’  w/18AWG
Select switch extra contact rating: 12V DC, 30mA ( “K1~K5” terminals for external device control)
RY-PA  contact  rating: 110V AC, 1A; or 24V DC, 1A
Speaker  sensitivity: 40dB
Total  Harmonic Distortion: Less than 5% at rated output power
Signal to Noise Ratio: 60dB
Frequency Response: -3dB,  770-6800Hz.

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LEF-5C Aiphone Master Selective Call Station wAll Call, Door Release

  • Brand: Aiphone
  • Product Code: LEF-5C
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