• 800A1 16 x 12 Air Louvers - Bronze

*Actual product and finish may vary

The Air Louvers 800A1 is a 16” x 12” Bronze Louver with non-vision inverted “Y” blades. 

Fastening system eliminates mounting holes for thrubolts, saving time and labor, and leaves corridor side of door freed from fasteners.

Inverted “Y” Blades Recommended for Schools, Class “A” and Institutional Buildings with Non-Vision Construction and 4 Mounting Options.

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Material: 18 gauge CRS frame and 20 gauge blades. Min size 6” x 4 Max 48” x 80”.

Construction:  Louvers: Inverted “Y” blades with 1” blade spacing are attached by interlocking construction to the 1” deep, welded frame. Non-vision. Multiple sections can be combined for larger sizes.  800A1 Frame: Self-attaching frame with 1-1/4” trim, mitered and welded corners. Screws fasten through frame into louver core, leaving corridor side of frame free of fasteners.

Door: 1-3/4” Any Style. Door cutout = order size.  1-3/8”-1-3/4” - 800CORE, 800C, 800A.

Fasteners: Phillips head screws #8 x 3/4”.

Free Flow Area: 50% free area.

Door Mounting Options

800 A1 - Self-attaching, vandal-proof design; basic blade unit with flanged frame welded to face (corridor) side and separate removable flanged frame on opposite side; fits 1-3/4” door only.



800A1 16 x 12 Air Louvers - Bronze

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