• DL6100 Alarm Lock Networx wirless electronic pushbutton lock

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DL6100 Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx wirless Pin
electronic pushbutton lock communicate wirelessly via Ethernet or
802.11B/G for a comprehensive wireless networked door access
control system, eliminating door-to-door programming and audit
trail retrieval and providing all standalone Trilogy lock functionality
plus new network-wide and emergency lockdown features.

DL6100 is designed to allow all features to be programmed
either at the keypad or through its radio link to a DL-Windows
equipped computer. In addition, Audit Log Data may be transmitted
through the radio link back to the DL-Windows computer.
The PDL Series features an HID compatible ProxCard® reader, and
a real-time clock/calendar that automatically adjusts for Daylight
Saving Time and allows for automated programming of events.
Up to 5000 unique user codes can be added to thelock, from 3-6
digits in length.

Audit Trail
• 40,000 Event Capacity*
• Entries Logged with Time and Date
• Critical Programming Events Logged
• Uploadable using Alarm Lock's DL-Windows software
Lock Features
• Metal Key Override for all cylindrical locks
• Keypad Lockout
• Non-Volatile (Fixed) Memory
• Real-Time Clock (within one second accuracy)
• Programmable Relay
• Visual and Audible Keypad Feedback
• Battery Status Monitor
• 500 Scheduled Events
• Automated Unlock/Lock
• Enable/Disable Users
• Enable/Disable Groups
• Four "Quick Schedules" (contains 4 most common
• Real-time clock and calendar
• Programmable Timeout Functions
User Access Methods
• Keypad Entered User Codes
• ProxCard® and ProxKey® Keyfob
• User Code and ProxCard® (For highest security)
• Batch Enroll - Quickly and easily enroll multiple ProxCards® and
ProxKey® keyfobs without the use of a PC.  Note: ProxCards® and
ProxKey® Keyfobs both function identically. Keyfobs can be substituted
for all references to the ProxCard® in this manual.
User Features
• 5000 Users
• 5 Pre-defined Administration User Levels including Master, Installer, Manager, Supervisor and Basic User
• User Code Lengths from 3-6 digits
• Service Code ("One-Time-Only" Code)
• User Lockout Mode
• Users Assignable to 4 Groups
• Ambush Function
• Guard Tour Code
• Emergency Commands
Keypad and Computer Programming
• All programming may be performed manually from the keypad, or from a PC using Alarm Lock's DLWindows

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DL6100 Alarm Lock Networx wirless electronic pushbutton lock

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