• 715 x28x88 Alarm Lock delayed egress exit alarm 33" panic bar

*Actual product and finish may vary

715x28x88 Alarm Lock Sirenlock™ Delayed Egress Panic Exit 33” Bar
UL Listed panic alarm deadbolt device which restricts unauthorized
use of exit doors by sounding an alarm, while providing instant egress
in emergencies.

Battery-operated alarmed panic lock.  Cylinder not included.

Finish: US28 Satin Aluminum, Clear Anodized

Cylinder Option Available

Rim cylinder for Inside Key Control.

Alarm Lock 715 catalog


-Offers stylish, cost-effective control of unauthorized use of exit doors
-15 second delayed egress with instant 95db Dual Piezo alarm (meets UL specifications)
-Instant alarmed exit in case of actual emergency or fire (meets NFPA 1012 Life Safety Code)
-Easy-to-install, surface mount unit in a standard panic bar deadbolt/deadlatch design
-Monitoring output for simultaneous use of CCTV camera, secondary siren, remote monitoring console, etc.
-Smoke detector input can be used to power existing system or standalone smoke detector(s)
(Includes armored door cord and cables for wiring)
-9V battery back-up powers in event of power failure

Lock Assembly,
9V Alkaline Backup Battery,
Single-Door Keeper Assembly,
Push Bar Assembly,
Control Box Assembly,
Model 271 Flexible Conduit with 2 Covers,
Power Transformer,
5-Conductor Cable 10 ft. Long,
Self-Adhesive Warning Labels Required to Comply with NFPA 101 Hardware

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715 x28x88 Alarm Lock delayed egress exit alarm 33" panic bar

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