• PG30 Alarm Lock Keypad-Controlled Door Alarm

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The Alarm Lock PG30 Keypad-Controlled Door Alarm is a keypad operated surface-mounted microprocessor-controlled door alarm.  Three programmable security levels provide degrees of access to suit various applications, such as unattended fire stairways, airport security areas, delivery entrances, etc.  The unit contains a Form-C relay as well as provisions for an external power supply and external reed-switch contacts.

The unit mounts on the door with a magnetic actuator on the frame; or, if external wiring is required, vice versa.  Entering the Master Code will alternately arm and disarm the unit.  A selectable Annunciator feature beeps to signal opening of the door while the unit is disarmed.  Opening the door, removing the cover or attempting to defeat the unit with a second magnet, when armed, will activate the alarm.  The unit may be operated from outside the door with the addition of a Model PG30KPD Remote Keypad (optional).

Battery-operated surface-mounted door alarms.  Alarms magnetically activated.

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-Three codes:  Master, Management and Passage.

-Three levels of security to suit different applications.

-Three alarm types:  sweep, steady or pulsing siren.

-Two Annunciator volume levels.

-Automatic low-battery detection.

-Provisions for external power supply.

-Provisions for external reed-switch contacts for multiple-door monitoring.

-Built-in Form-C relay for connection to control panel or other device.


Dimensions: 9" x 2½" x 2 3/8" (22.8cm x 6.3cm x 6.8cm) (LxWxD)

Finish: Metallic Silver (PG30MS); Metallic Bronze (PG30MB)

Power Requirements: 9-Volt Alkaline Battery (supplied).  The PG30 may also be used with Model PP100 (optional) or other power supply providing 9-12Vdc at 500mA.

Battery Life: Continuous Alarm, 3 hours, 2-Minute Shutdown, see table in catalog.

Sounding Device: Piezo electronic sounder sweep siren, steady or pulsing, 110dB at 10 feet

Shipping Weight: 1 lb, 10 oz.

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PG30 Alarm Lock Keypad-Controlled Door Alarm

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