• 4314 ME-SF LCN Sentronic Closer 24V, 70mA or 120V, 30mA

*Actual product and finish may vary

4314ME-SF LCN Multi-Point Sentronic Closer with Swing-Free arm 24V, 70mA or 120V, 30mA .

Size 4

Packed w/TBWMS (Thru Bolts, Wood & Machine Screws)

Sized 4310ME series cylinders available in size 3 or 4.

Closing power of all 4310ME Series closers may be increased 15%.

Specify  handing.

The 4310ME SENTRONIC® is a heavy duty, electrically controlled closer/holder designed to provide infinitely adjustable hold-open for fire and smoke barrier doors. Door is held open until current interruption releases mechanism and the door closes. Single lever (track) arm closer is specifically designed for interior doors. Choice of finishes, cylinder functions, and installation accessories meet virtually all life safety requirements.
The LCN Swing-Free is a patented closer arm that works in conjunction with 4310ME Sentronic closers. It complies with life safety codes requiring automatic closing of doors to protect individuals from fire and smoke, yet it provides the convenience of a door that opens and remains open without spring pressure. The swing-free arm is disengaged from the closer control allowing the doors to be opened and closed with no spring pressure from 0° to 180°. The arm has an exclusive “no drift” feature that keeps the door in a stationary position, even when the door is out of plumb or when minor air currents are present. However, the door will swing freely with just the touch of a hand.
Should the fire detection system go into alarm, the swing-free arm is re-engaged by the closer and automatically closes the door The swing-free function is reset by simply pushing open the door. This swing-free action is ideal for patient room doors. It makes it easier for patients and staff to pass through the doorway, and lets the door stand open at any desired position.
-Standard 4310ME series closer shipped with a 24V or 120V cylinder (please specify) on a mounting plate, metal cover, Swing-Free arm, track, track roller, and wood and machine screw pack. See 4310ME Series
catalog for options.
-Sized cylinders for interior doors to 4’0”.
-Functions as full rack and pinion door closer when hold-open is not engaged or current is interrupted with Swing-Free arm engaged.
-Handed for right or left swinging door.
-Concealed or exposed electrical connections.
-Built-in “On/Off” switch controls hold-open function.
-Swing-Free arm allows door to be moved without door closer resistance.
-Interfaces with fire alarm systems. Consult factory.
-Standard or optional custom powder coated finish.
-Optional plated finish on cover, arm, and fasteners.
The 4310ME is UL listed for smoke barrier or labeled fire doors. Tested and certified under ANSI Standard A156.15. Conforms to life safety code, NFPA 101. An ME provides only the closer/holder function.
Handed arm.
After door is placed in hold-open, secondary pivot point allows up to 160° swing without door closer resistance.

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4314 ME-SF LCN Sentronic Closer 24V, 70mA or 120V, 30mA

  • Brand: LCN
  • Product Code: 4314ME-SF
  • $810.00

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