• 7790V3696 Cal-Royal Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device, Exit Only, 36"

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7790V3696 Cal-Royal Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device, Exit Only, 36" Grade 1, Retrofits Von Duprin 99 & 98 Series using 7700 Escutcheon trim




Cal-Royal 7700 Information

Handing:  - Easily field reversible.

MODEL                  ACTUAL LENGTH               MAX CUT DOWN               DOOR SIZE                         VERICAL ROD LENGTH

7760V3684                        32”                                          6”                          30” to 36” door width                           84"

7790V3696                        32"                                          6"                           30” to 36” door width                          96"

7780V4896                        44”                                        10”                          38” to 48” door width                           96"



US3 Bright Brass, Clear Coated

US10B Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed

US32D Satin Stainless Steel (32D is 26D Satin Chrome with 32D Satin Stainless Steel Push Pad)


For Doors - 1 ¾" thick standard optional 2¼" thick. 3¾" minimum stile width required for single door application. 3½" minimum stile width required for double door application. Lever, thumbpiece and escutcheon trims available. 2-3/4" backset.

Chassis - Nonferrous alloy (Panic Grade), steel (Fire Grade).

Cover - Non-ferrous plated material. Covers stock hollow metal doors with 161 cut out.

Mounting - Furnished with wood and machine screws. Thru bolts are standard packaging on fire rated devices.

End Cap - Brass, bronze or stainless steel construction.

Latch Bolt, Spring - Stainless steel.

ANSI Standard - A156.3, Grade 1.

Rail Assembly - Heavy gauge extruded aluminum body with stainless steel push pad.

Alarm - Available. Prefix ALRM before PART#.

 Dogging Feature - Allen-type key furnished standard on non-fire labeled devices.

UL and ULC Listed - 7760 Series for panic. F7760 Series for fire exit hardware for all types of 8' x 8' double doors for up to 3 hour fire labeled installations, conforms to standards UL10C and UBC 7-2-1997 codes.

Finish - Architectural plated finishes.

Electronic Functions - (ELR) Electrical Latch Retraction and RX & LX Signal Switch available

Additional Accessories


Our electrified latch pullback exit device allows for remote keyless access control in high occupancy/high traffic conditions where exit devices are required. Common applications include conditions such as hospitals, airports, schools, churches and where they are commonly specified in applications that require automatic door openers. The device may be continuously energized allowing for a push/pull condition if desired.


Available on 9800, 7700 & 2200 Series, including rim, vertical rod, concealed vertical rod, mortise exit device, fire

and non fire-rated devices. - High-performance quality solenoids designed for demanding applications.

The PM200* interface power module (included) is programmed to meet the requirements of the specific exit device

modification. It maximizes the efficiency and life of the solenoid, allows for a much longer wire run and may be

used with 24VDC power supplies rated at 1.5A or greater - Dual coil solenoids, or PWM programming, allow for either momentary or extended time latch retraction.

No hassle 3-Year Warranty


Voltage – 24VDC

 Amperage – Surge current – 12A for 200ms@24V / Holding – 250mA@24V

Coil resistance – 3.7 Ohms

To Order, Specify:

Prefix ELR before PART#

ITEM #                   DESCRIPTION

ELR                        Electrified Latch Retractor

Signal Switch RX and LX

RX (request to exit) signal switch is used to signal the use of an opening from the push side. When the push pad is depressed, the switch is activated. These devices are equipped with an internal SPDT (single pole double throw) switch that monitors the touch bar.

LX (latch bolt monitoring) signal switch monitors both egress and access of an opening. When the latch bolt is retracted, the switch is activated. These devices are equipped with an internal SPDT (single pole double throw) switch that monitors the latch bolt position.

LX and RX switches can be combined with EL (electric latch retraction) option.


RX or LX............................... Switch rated 0.5 amperes @ 24VAC/DC resistive

Low current RX or LX........... Switch rated 0.5 amperes @ 24VAC/DC resistive

For Factory Installed:

To Order, Specify:


RX.......................Request to Exit

LX........................ Latch bolt Monitoring

LXRX................... Latch bolt Monitoring/Request to Exit Combination

ITEM #                                   DESCRIPTION

RX                           Request to Exit switch for field installation.

LX                           Latch bolt Monitoring switch for field installation.

LXRX                      Latch bolt Monitoring/Request to Exit Combination

Specify : 7700, 9800 or 2200 after ITEM# when ordering, for example: RX7700 to order RX switch for 7700

series exit devices

7790V3696 Cal-Royal Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device, Exit Only, 36"

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