• CRPS2 Cal-Royal 24 Volt DC Power Supply for Electrified Exit Devices

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CRPS2 Cal-Royal Power Supply for Electrified Exit Devices, 120 Volt Input, 2 Amp at 24 Volt DC Output

Cal-Royal Power Supply Information

The CRPS2 Series power supplies are high quality, cost effective solution for powering two electric latch-retracting exit devices. These power supplies provide the necessary surge current that most latch-retracting exit devices require. The CRPS2 Series offers features found on power supplies costing much more; and the solid-state design and careful attention to detail make the CRPS2 Series ideal choice for the discerning user who requires a power supply that can offer years of trouble-free operation.


Delivers the necessary in-rush current to power two latch pullback exit devices.

Two independent inputs/outputs

Solid-state design eliminates mechanical problems associated with relays

Thermal overload sensing reduces risk of failure due to overheating

Fire alarm disconnect link

Inputs triggered by dry contact

Intelligent short circuit detection detects shorts much faster than fuses and isolates the short to the individual output

Removable Euro-style terminal blocks allow for easy installation

UL Pending at time of print

No hassle 3-Year Warranty


Input Voltage – 120 VAC

Output Voltage – 24 VDC unregulated @ 2A**

Temperature Range – 0 to 120 F

1 Solid-State input/output (input triggered by dry contact)

LEDs – Red = Power indicator GREEN = Channel on

Enclosure dimensions: 10” x 10” x 4” **** CRPS2 only

Additional Features (CRPS2BB Only):

Efficient battery backup/charging circuitry with zero voltage drop at power loss

Solid state reverse polarity protection for battery connections

Audible alert when sensing AC power failure & low battery (batteries not included)

Output Voltage – 24 VDC unregulated @ 2.3A

Enclosure dimensions: 12.5” x 15” x 4”

CRPS2 Cal-Royal 24 Volt DC Power Supply for Electrified Exit Devices

  • $230.00