• ESC7730 Cal-Royal Exit Device Trim, Passage

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ESC7730 Cal-Royal Exit Device Trim, Passage  Trim Always Operable and Free

Cal-Royal Trim Information


Rigid, non clutch mechanism

Double heavy duty spring support to prevent sagging and enhance operation

Grade 1, thru-bolted design. Non-handed design. Easily field reversible

Hardened steel heavy duty tailpiece. Available for fire and non-fire rated rim and vertical rod exit devices


Standard 1 3/4” For 2 1/4” thick door use additional part # TAIL3


2 3/4” width X 10 1/4” length. Lever length: 4 3/4”. Fits and

covers 2 1/8” 161 cutout

Electrified Lever Trim

Cal-Royal's electrified lever trim provides remote locking and unlocking capabilities while incorporating the patented clutch trim design. The 24V DC solenoid can be energized from a distant controller, thus allowing access control of the opening. The control of stairwells in high-rise buildings is a common application for this trim, where electric pullback of the exit device's latchbolt is cost prohibitive or not required. This is especially practical in applications where fire/life safety codes require a "fail-safe" condition which is not an option with electrified latch pullback devices. Because the current draw is quite low there is no need for a more expensive power supply to provide the surge current.


Continuous duty solenoids used to insure trouble-free operation - Internally mounted solenoid to ease installation (no special door prep required) No hassle 3-Year Warranty - Requires additional door prep

ESC7730 Cal-Royal Exit Device Trim, Passage

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