• 2923 Falcon 7'2" Mullion

*Actual product and finish may vary

The 2923 7’2” steel mullions are for use with the 19–R rim exit devices on double door openings.

Advantage: Increased security and tighter closure. Minimizes door warpage and sag. Regulates the flow of in-and-out traffic.

Falcon 19 Series catalog

• Monarch removable mullions are easily removed and reinstalled for full width access.

• Rim devices are used on both leaves, attaining a perfectly symmetrical opening.

• The mullion assembly consists of a mullion, top and bottom mounting brackets and a screw pack.  Soffit adapters are available for use with either the 2923 or the 4023 mullion.

• The (F)–4023 and KR(F)–4023 fire-rated mullion also includes four stabilizer blocks as required for labeled installations.

• Strikes are not furnished with the mullion. 

• Mullions may be cut on the job for doors under stock lengths.

• KR mullions require 1-1⁄8" mortise cylinder with standard “A” cam.

Mullion Features

• Mullion fittings – ductile iron.

• (F)4023 and KR(F)4023 – 2" x 3" x height.

• 2923 mullion – 1-1⁄2" x 2-1⁄2" x height.

• Black Prime coat only.

• 7' or 8' door opening standard, other door opening as specified.

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2923 Falcon 7'2" Mullion

  • Brand: Falcon
  • Product Code: 2923 7FT 2IN
  • $184.00