• 955-2 Falcon 2" Shackle Padlock

*Actual product and finish may vary

The Falcon 955-2 is a Deadlocking Padlock with 2” shackle in 606 finish.

Falcon catalog

A pin tumbler padlock manufactured from solid bar stock brass, with chrome-plated, case-hardened steel shackle. The entire cylinder assembly is removable for easier rekeying or quick cylinder change.


  1. Key is removable in locked position only.
  2. Padlocks with longer shackles (2” or 6”) available when specified. 1” shackle is standard.

Cylinders: Furnished with solid brass plug and housing, drilled with 6-pin chambers, pinned in 5 unless otherwise specified. Also available with 7-pin cylinder. Furnished with two (2) nickel silver keys standard.

Keyways: “G” keyway standard on standard cylinders. Interchangeable core (SFIC) padlocks, branded Schlage, are also available.



5-pin (drilled for 6) - Standard



Less cylinder

Competitor’s keyways in standard cylinder model


Master keying, conventional cylinder

Construction master keying, conventional cylinder



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955-2 Falcon 2" Shackle Padlock

  • Brand: Falcon
  • Product Code: 955-2P-606
  • $79.00