• 1-336 Rixson Concealed Heavy Duty Stop

*Actual product and finish may vary

Rixson 1-336 Concealed Heavy Duty Stop Checkmate Holder.  Checkmate® overhead stops and holders are used to extend the life of the door, frame and any door closing devices.

For a 36” door with offset pivots or butts.

They may be necessary if there are strong winds, high traffic or abuse.

• When used in conjunction with a floor closer, you have absolute door control, top and bottom

• Provides positive deadstop at selected degree

• There are 3 functions, 4 ways to order

• Friction Stay – used on doors without closers to keep doors open

• Hold Open – door remains held open near deadstop location

• Stops – door deadstops at a particular degree of opening

• Multi Function – adaptable as hold open and/or stops

• Available as surface mounted or concealed

• Standard mount on push side of door 

• Thru bolts are furnished with all surface models and must be used for installation.

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Product Description & Features

• Doors may be single or double acting

• Non-handed

• Slide track design

• Recommended for high traffic, heavy abuse installations

• Heavy shock absorber spring provides 5 -7° compression before dead stop

• LS option omits spring for special applications

• Surface on/off knob on hold open models

• Stop, friction stay or hold open functions

• Complete screw packet for installation in wood and machine screws for door and frame.

• For security areas, Torx® screws available for exposed fasteners

• Standard architectural finishes

• Durable slider cam and shock block

• 110° maximum opening

• 1-3/4" minimum door thickness, for thicker doors, note thickness when ordering

• 1-3/16" square channel

• Stop function UL listed for fire door assemblies

• Hanging means other than standard butts or offset pivots require special templating and pricing. Consult factory                     

Door Opening Chart (in inches)                                                   Model Number

Butts Offset Pivots            Center Hung Pivots           Friction          H.O.        Stop

*24 – 28                                 —                                         1-116           1-126       1-136

28-1/16 - 33                          30 - 36                                   1-216           1-226       1-236

33-1/16 - 38                          36-1/16 - 41                          1-316           1-326       1-336

38-1/16 - 43                          41-1/16 - 46                          1-416           1-426       1-436

43-1/16 - 48                          46-1/16 - 50                          1-516           1-526       1-536

*Butt hung only on this size door. No swing clear hinges.


Less Spring – Suffix LS

Heavy duty slide track type stops have a spring in the end of the channel that keeps the slider from deadstopping. If these units are being used with electromechanical closer, where the door must deadstop, the LS option is needed. For non-adjustable models 1 and 9 only.

Angle Jamb Bracket Adapter – Standard-duty models suffix 5258 (non-handed) Heavy-duty models suffix 5458 (LH) or 5459 (RH)

When surface mounted units are mounted on a rabbeted door on the push side, flush door and transom on the push side, or in a reverse installation on the pull side of the door a special bracket is needed. Note that not all models can be mounted on the pull side of the door

Security Screws – Suffix Torx

Security screws can be supplied for exposed fasteners.


All Rixson Checkmate® overhead stops and holders are in compliance with ANSI/BHMA 156.8, Grade 1 and 2 Standards. See individual products for sub sections. See individual models for UL Listing.

Limited Warranty

Rixson Checkmate® stops and holders are warranted for 2 years for defect. See Rixson price book for specific details of the limited warranty


All overhead stops and holders shall be from a single manufacturer. Standard-duty models used for interior or low to medium traffic doors.  Heavy-duty models used for exterior or high traffic doors or doors subject to abuse.  For extremely abusive areas or high winds use double lever arm type.  Coordinate deadstop and/or hold open location with concealed floor closers.  Checkmate products provide hold open and/or deadstop.




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1-336 Rixson Concealed Heavy Duty Stop

  • Brand: Rixson
  • Product Code: 1-336
  • $191.00

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