• 1209 Trimco HD Stop

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The Trimco 1209 Heavy Duty Stop is ideal for high abuse installations like prisons, schools, heavy doors.

 Installs with quick-set cement.

Requires 1-1/2” diameter cored hole.

The 1209 is designed for high abuse installations like prisons, animal shelters, zoos, schools, etc., where very heavy steel doors or gates will be swung, or an average door swung with great force.

TRIMCO specializes in top-quality hardware for public buildings, schools, offices, hospitals, and retail stores. An industry leader, TRIMCO offers the broadest array of heavy-duty and functional trim products in the industry.

TRIMCO hardware is made with no compromise in quality, design or durability. Only full-sized, first quality extrusions, sheet stock, and castings are used. Careful machining, polishing, assembly and finishing result in a final product, which is presented with pride. Products are generally available in brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome-plated architectural finishes.

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TRIMCO#                              1209                      

Base                                      1-1/4”

Height                                    2”                                                                                                                                                            

BHMA                                    L02031



-All steel is extra-high tensile strength

-Rubber resilient but tough, Durometer Hardness, Shore A: 70-90

-To avoid vandalism, the 1209 cannot be disassembled without special tools. Stop may be disassembled with a spanner wrench for rubber replacement.

-No part can be fashioned into a tool or weapon.

-Installation right into concrete floor by clear-coring.

-Meets California State Prison strength tests (data available)


Available for:
Wall Mount - #1209W
Hold Open - #1209HO

 #1209HA with extra strong stainless steel shaft and larger rubber.




1209 Trimco HD Stop

  • Brand: Trimco
  • Product Code: 1209
  • $32.00

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