• 1211 Trimco Cast Dome Stop

*Actual product and finish may vary

The Trimco 1211 Cast Dome Stop is a Universal Dome Stop available in various finishes.

The 1211 replaces both the 1210 Lo Dome Stop and the 1212 Hi Dome Stop. It has the base height of the 1210 and the overall height of the 1212.

The W1211 replaces both the W1210 Lo Dome Stop and the W1212 Hi Dome Stop. It has the base height of the W1210 and the overall height of the W1212.

Supplied with Wood Screws and Machine Screws & Anchors

TRIMCO specializes in top-quality hardware for public buildings, schools, offices, hospitals, and retail stores. An industry leader, TRIMCO offers the broadest array of heavy-duty and functional trim products in the industry.

TRIMCO hardware is made with no compromise in quality, design or durability. Only full-sized, first quality extrusions, sheet stock, and castings are used. Careful machining, polishing, assembly and finishing result in a final product, which is presented with pride. Products are generally available in brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome-plated architectural finishes.

Trimco catalog

TRIMCO#                              1211                      

Rise                                        .22”

Base                                       1-1/2”

Height                                     1.43”      

Material                                  Cast                                                                                                                                        

BHMA                                     L02141 / L02161



1211 Trimco Cast Dome Stop

  • Brand: Trimco
  • Product Code: 1211
  • $7.00

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