• 10MS08U BEA Magic Switch Touchless Push Plate

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10MS08U BEA Magic Switch touchless switch microwave motion
sensor is used as a contact-free switch, providing excellent control and
operation of automatic doors.
Contact-free switch that utilizes Doppler-effect microwave.

Available with single gang and double gang faceplates.

-Excellent door activation for sterile environments such as hospitals,
 clean rooms and pharmaceutical facilities.
-Convenient and comfortable for disabled people.
-Water resistant foam gasket and sleek profile minimizes dust.

BEA MS08 Information


-Doppler Radar technology allows for use in sterile environments (i.e., clean-rooms, healthcare facilities, food processing plants)

-It can be placed unobtrusively in a room or hallway when mounted behind a non-reflective surface where the aesthetics demand it be inconspicuous

-Variable adjustment of pattern depth from 4 to 24 inches

-No wearing parts mean increased product life

-Water-resistant foam gasket provides increased durability when product is exposed to water or cleaning product



Microwave Doplar Radar

Radiated Frequency

24.125 GHz

Radiated power density

5 mW/cm²

Supply voltage

12 to 24VAC ± 10%


12 to 24VDC +30% / -10%

Main Frequency

50 to 60Hz

Power Consumption



Relay with switch-over contact (voltage free)

Relay contact rating

(max voltage)

60 VDC/ 125 VAC

Relay contact rating

(max current)

1A (resistive)

Max switching power

30W (DC)/ 60VA (AC)

Detection Range

4” to 24” (adjustable)

Output Hold Time

0.5 to 10 seconds (adjustable)

Temperature Range

-4°F to +131°F (-20°C to +55°C)


Immune to electrical and radio frequency interference

Radiated Frequency
Radiated Power Density
Microwave Doppler Radar
24.125 GHz
< 5 mW/cm2
Detection Mode
Motion (bidirectional)
Detection Range
4 to 24 inches (adjustable)
Max. Voltage
Max. Current
Max. switching Power
Relay with switch-over contact (free of potential)
60 VDC; 125 VAC
1 A (resistive)
30 W (DC); 60 VA (AC)
Output Hold Time
0.5 s (in pulse mode)
Supply Frequency
50 to 60 Hz
Supply Voltage
12 to 24 VAC ±10%
12 to 24 VDC +30%/ -10%
Power Consumption
< 1.5 W
Material / Colors
ASA, Nylon, PC
Cable Type
Standard cable up to 16 AWG - 1.5 mm2
Temperature Range
-4°F to +131°F (-20°C to +55°C)
Norm Conformance
EMC: 2004/108/EC
IC: 4680A-MS08

10MS08U BEA Magic Switch Touchless Push Plate

  • Brand: BEA
  • Product Code: 10MS08U
  • $197.60

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