• BLEGW-99 Cal-Royal Bluetooth Gateway -  Wireless lock control device

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BLEGW-99 Cal-Royal Bluetooth Gateway, Wireless Lock Control Device.
Internet to bluetooth signal converter, for PL7100 and other locks using K3 mobile app.

Bluetooth ConnectivityLock can be managed / synced using the K3 (Apple) and K3+ (Android) app.

Gateway is a wireless device to connect compatible locks to Internet, so
a user can interact with the locks remotely.

With Gateway, you can control your Lock remotely via the Internet:
• Locking/Unlocking remotely
• Set Lock parameters remotely
• Manage Clients (such as Phones, Cards, or Codes, depending on the
Locks) remotely
• Get Logs remotely
• Get Notifi cation of any events happening on the Lock
• Get Lock status remotely
• Lock can get Internet Time through Gateway

• A smart lock compatible with the app K3 Connect
• IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz) wireless network
• Internet connection
Power Source
Gateway is plugged into a wall socket using a USB type A connector to obtain a
steady 5V power. This is the same plug-in charger used for most smart phones.
(not included)
Compatible Phones
• iPhone 4s or above with iOS 8.0 or above
• Android 4.3 or above with Bluetooth Low Energy capability
Android or Apple App
Download K3 Connect in the App Store or Google Play on any compatible smart
phone, and register an account. For Android users, use either K3 Connect+ or
K3 Connect. Always update the App to the latest version.
Compatible Locks
Gateway only works with compatible Bluetooth locks that are controlled by the
K3 Connect App. This includes PL7100, RS2100, BLDB-5000 and BLDB-9000
and any other lock that uses the K3 app and has bluetooth capability.
7. Compatible Access Point (AP)
Gateway will connect to an AP (Access Point) to get Internet access. The AP
must have known SSID (name of the AP) and password. Gateway is capable of
determining what kind of security your network uses.

1. Do not enclose Gateway in any metal box/cabinet/wall because any metal
material will block the wireless signals
2. Do not put Gateway within 1 meter of the AP because they might interfere
with each other
3. Suggest to put Gateway within 5-meter range of the Locks or even closer;
the closer the distance, the better the performance
4. Suggest to put Gateway and the Locks in the same open space because
any wall or obstacle will affect the signal
5. Remove any obstacles at the line of sight between the Lock and Gateway
6. Although one Gateway can support multiple locks, recommend to use
multiple Gateways if you want it to work smoothly with wider range

BLEGW-99 Cal-Royal Bluetooth Gateway - Wireless lock control device

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