• MPT Sargent MicroProx™ Tag w/ SARGENT Site Code

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The Sargent MPT MicroProx™ Tag w/SARGENT site code.

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The MicroProx™ Tag is a coin-sized (disk-shaped) transponder that provides the ability to add HID proximity technology to a device. The MicroProx™ Tag has an adhesive backing which allows it to be secured to any non-metallic object.

• Easily Secured To: Employee badges • PDAs • Magnetic stripe cards • Cell phones

• 26 Bit Format, HID Coded Wiegand Output 125 kHz

• Proximity ID# marked on each Tag

• Gray color with HID Logo

• Dimensions: 1.285" Dia. x 0.070" (32.6mm x 1.78mm)

Two Versions available:

• Catalog # MPT

- Site Code 20

- Proximity ID#’s determined & controlled by SARGENT

- MicroProx™ Tag ordered individually***

- Min. order is 25 MicroProx™ Tag

• Catalog # MPT-C

- Site Code - requested by customer

- Proximity ID#'s requested by customer

- MicroProx™ Tag ordered individually***

- MicroProx Tag with custom site code, consult factory for minimum quantities

NOTE: The MicroProx™ Tag should be attached to magnetic stripe

cards so that contact with the magnetic card reader is avoided.

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MPT Sargent MicroProx™ Tag w/ SARGENT Site Code

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