• 7610 Schlage Proximity key fob

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7610 Proximity Key Fob 125 kHz Proximity Credentials Schlage XceedID

26 Bit, Facility Code 235

XceedID® proximity technology is an easy, convenient access control solution. Proximity technology, which operates on 125 kHz frequency, is easily integrated into existing legacy proximity systems or ideal for a new installation. Proximity credentials can easily fit into a wallet or may be used as a strapped or clipped badge.

From highly durable clamshell-style cards, to basic ISO style cards, to keyfobs and adhesive patches, XceedID offers several different form factors to meet many different needs.

Proximity credentials by XceedID are compatible with all industry leading proximity readers and are also completely ISO compliant. These credentials also have a passive design, requiring no batteries or maintenance for the life of the card.

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7610 Schlage Proximity key fob

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