• ED900 J8 Dorma door operator, low energy, push side top jamb mount

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ED900 J8 Dorma door operator, low energy, push side top jamb mount
Push Side Top Jamb Mount, 0"–8" Reveal
Standard Width

DORMA's most advanced low-energy swing door power operator.
The ED900 is fully ADA compliant – helpful for children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, or those carrying or pushing objects.
The operator is exceptionally quiet, safe, and easy to use. Doors open at precisely controlled speeds and forces, assuring safety for all users.
The ED900 features Contour design for a highly aesthetic look especially when used with the TS93 family of closers.
Technical Details:
Onboard power supply for access control devices: 1.5 A @ 24 VDC.
Maximum door size: 48" (1219 mm) wide.
Maximum door weight: 220 lb (100 kg).
Operator weight: 26.58 lb (12 kg).
Operating temperatures: 5° F to 122° F (-15° C to
50° C).
Standard operator dimensions:
27" W × 2-3/4" H × 5-1/8" D
(685 mm × 70 mm
× 130 mm).
Maximum opening angle:
On-board cycle counter.
27" cover standard.
One unit for push/pull track and top jamb applications.
Axel extensions: 0, 5/16" (9 mm), 3/4" (20 mm), 1-3/16" (30 mm), and 2-3/8" (60 mm) — standard.

ANSI/BHMA 156.19 Power Assist and Low Energy Power Operated Doors.
UL and CUL listed for fire door operators with automatic closers.
ICC/ANSI A117.1 Accessible and Usable buildings and facilities.
Underwriters Laboratories:
ANSI/UL 325 Door, Drapery,
Gate, Louver, and Window
Operators and Systems.
California State Fire Marshall
(CSFM) approved.

DORMA ED900 Series low energy operators with selectable low energy or power assist.
Low energy function to cycle the door open as programmed.
Power assist function for decreased opening force when manually operated.
Operator to have a programmable push and go. All
operators to have programmable sweep speed, latch speed, and backcheck cushioning.
Operators to have the following programmable options for power open functions: delay time, opening time/ opening force, opening angle, and door width selector.
Operators to have selectable jumper to accommodate push or pull side applications.
Operators to have on/off strike delay when the ED900 must delay while a locking device releases. Push side (top jamb) and pull side (track) arms to be available.
All operators will be hard wired.
All operators to have selectable on/off obstacle detection on closing.

Optional Specifications
All operators to have remote switch wiring for tamper resistance.
Hold open function is deleted.
On/off status can be controlled from a remote location.
Specify RS.
All operators to be powered with a power cord plugged into a 120 VAC receptacle. Specify PC.
Electrical Specifications:
Power requirements: 115 VAC +/– 10%, 50/60 Hz, 6.6 A max.
Current: 6.6 A.
Fuse: 3 Amp – type AGC – size 1/4" – 1-1/4".
Branch circuit protection: 15 A min.
Auxiliary power output 24 V (normally) filtered, unregulated 1.5 A max range 24 +/– 10%.
Form "C" relay contact for controlling fail-secure or failsafe locking devices 50 VAC or DC at 1 A max.
When incorporating the ED900 into a system with other electrical components, DORMA's Technical Services Department offers assistance with point-topoint wiring diagrams. Please contact them with specific requirements.
Programmable Features:
Opening and closing speed.
Hold open time: from
0–30 seconds.
Backcheck & latching angles.
Blow open/night bank
hold open.
Wall blanking on pull side.
Safety sensor testing.
Delayed opening for unlocking: From 0–4 seconds. Use with electromechanical access control peripherals such as electric strikes or exit devices with electric latch retraction.
Closing force prior to unlocking: Works with the delayed unlocking feature and accommodates reduction of latch bolt locking force prior to
releasing the electromechanical access control device.
Opening and closing force.
Latching action force: Power boost during latching cycle to overcome resistance for door seals, locking devices, or door/ frame misalignment.

ED900 J8 Dorma door operator, low energy, push side top jamb mount

  • Brand: Dorma
  • Product Code: ED900 J8
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