• EM504 24120 Dorma Electromagnetic Door Holders - Semiflush Wall Mount

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The Dorma EM504 24120 is a Dual Voltage Semiflush Wall Mount Electromagnetic Door Holder.

24 VDC, 24VAC & 120 VAC - .15A

DORMA EM Series electromagnetic door holders with dual voltage capability and an adjustable catch plate provide versatility for varying applications. Add-on catch plate extensions further enhance its flexibility. The DORMA EM Series door holders are composed of a door mounted catch plate and a floor- or wall-mounted electromagnet. This series serves as an economical package for use in conjunction with DORMA door closers whenever controlled release and closing of doors is necessary for safety or convenience such as in hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes.

The EM Series magnets offer superior reliability with built-in protection and low residual magnetism so they release easily even in applications meeting ADA requirements with minimal spring force door closers. Brackets are not required for recessed, flush, or surface mounting. The catch plate on the door features a ball-shaped pivot arm for adjustability and to further ensure perfect alignment. Optional extension rods are available to accommodate greater distances between the door and wall.

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Technical Details

• Dual voltage capability reduces stocking requirements.

• Low current draw allows savings on power supplies and backup batteries.

• Optional extension rods fit on standard catch plate to accommodate deeper door to wall conditions.

• Low residual magnetism allows easy release of door.

• All electrical values +10% to –15%.

• Floor- and wall-mounted styles.

• Can be manually pulled from hold open position.

• Silent operation.

• Holding force 15–25 lb nominal.


The DORMA EM Series are listed by UL and CUL under their continuing reinspection programs. California State Fire Marshall (CSFM) approved. The EM Series magnets are certified to conform to the requirements of ANSI/BHMA A156.15 Grade 1.


All electromagnetic door holders shall be DORMA EM Series with wall- or floor-mounted magnets and door-mounted catch plates. Available as surface, flush, or floor mount. Floor mounted magnets shall be provided for both single and double door applications. Each magnet to have the following voltage capability: 24 VAC or DC and 120 VAC. Specify type of mount.

Optional Specifications

Magnet to have 1-1/2" catch plate extension. Specify ER-1.5.

Magnet to have 2-1/2" catch plate extension. Specify ER-2.5.

Magnet to have adjustable catch plate extension. Specify either ER-7 or ER-12.




EM504 24120 Dorma Electromagnetic Door Holders - Semiflush Wall Mount

  • Brand: Dorma
  • Product Code: EM504 24120
  • $182.00

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