• 2011HSM Dynalock Magnetic Lock w/High Security Monitor 1200 lbs

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2011HSM Dynalock  Magnetic Lock w/High Security Monitor 12/24 Volt AC/DC, 1200 lbs Holding Force, Single Outswinging Door, Single coil. Mounts to the underside of the frame header.

The 2000 Series is a full size 1200 lbs. holding force electromagnet. It is designed for life safety and high security on rated or nonrated doors and frames. Specify for commercial, industrial, or institutional openings when low cost and high security are required.

All 2000 Series locks are designed for ease of installation with adjustable mounting, field selectable voltage, and convenient wiring compartments. Optional integrated door and lock status sensors allow remote monitoring without the need to install separate "door contacts".

The 2000 Series is offered in single, double, and split armature models for both outswinging and inswinging doors. The coil and housing assembly mounts rigidly to the door frame while the armature mounts to the door in a manner that allows it to pivot slightly to compensate for door irregularities. When the door is closed and the lock is energized the armature is magnetically bonded to the lock face, thus securing the door without utilizing any moving parts.

DynaLock 2000 Series Information

High Security:  12/24 VDC/VAC - One Piece Housing - FasTrak Mounting - Lifetime Warranty

Dimensions:  DxHxL  1 ½” X2  ¾” X 11”

Input Voltage:   12 or 24 VDC/VAC (Field Selectable)

Current Draw:   0.42A @ 12V Each Coil     0.21A @ 24V Each Coil

Contact Ratings:    DSM - 0.25A @ 24VDC/VAC

 DYN - 1A @ 24VDC/VAC

 ATS - 0.5A @ 24VDC/VAC

Coil Resistance:    53.2 Ohms (+/- 10%) Wht/Wht, Blk/Blk



DSM - DOOR STATUS SWITCH - Signals door closed or ajar. SPDT contacts.

DSM2 - DOOR STATUS SWITCH - For the 2002 models.

HSM  - HIGH SECURITY MONITOR - Includes the following:

1.DOOR STATUS SWITCH - Signals door closed or ajar. SPDT contacts.

2.DYNASTAT FORCE SENSOR - Indicates efficient magnetic   bond.SPDT contacts

HSM2 - HIGH SECURITY MONITOR - For the 2022 models.

VOP - VALUE OPTION PACKAGE - Includes the following:

1.DOOR STATUSSWITCH - Signals door closed or ajar. SPDTcontacts.

2.DYNASTAT FORCE SENSOR - Indicates efficient magnetic bond. SPDT contacts.

3.ANTI-TAMPER SWITCH - Signals removal of the housing cover. SPDT contacts.

4.RELOCK TIME DELAY - Adjustable 1-80 seconds.

VOP2 - VALUE OPTION PACKAGE - For the 2022 models.

LCB - BASIC LOCK LESS CIRCUIT BOARD - Coil and housing with flying leads.

LED - BI-COLOR LED - For local signaling of lock status. (Requires HSM or VOP option)

LED2 - BI-COLOR LED’S(2) - For the 2022 models.(Requires HSM2 or VOP2 option)

LP - LOW POWER COIL - 12V only @ 0.16 Amps (Single Lock)

LP2 - LOW POWER COILS - 12V only @ 0.32 Amps (Double Lock)

Notes: DSM, HSM, VOP and LED options not available on 2012 split armature models or with LCB option.

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2011HSM Dynalock Magnetic Lock w/High Security Monitor 1200 lbs

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