• 1790 EO Falcon Rim Exit Device

*Actual product and finish may vary

The Falcon Dor-O-Matic 1790 EO is an Exit Only Rim Exit Device with no exterior hardware.  

The 1790 rim device is typically used in applications where maintenance is a concern because the rim device has fewer parts and pieces than current exit devices. The result is less maintenance and adjustment. The streamlined design has no openings for chains, reducing the risk for code infringements and offering increased building security by eliminating the possibility of tampering and forced entry through the use of coat hangers and other tools. The 1790 may also be used to retrofit a 2090 series crossbar device.

Falcon Dor-O-Matic exit devices are your best choice for narrow stile aluminum doors. Our designs complement aluminum and glass construction and provide excellent durability for a range of applications.

Exit only, no trim.

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Hand: Non handed.

Functions: See trim selection chart on this page.

Strikes: TD35 strike supplied standard, see page 11 for other rim strikes available.

Latchbolt: 1" thickness, 3/4" throw.

Dogging Feature: Hex Key Dogging standard, except EL where must use hold back feature.

Cylinder: Rim, key entry (NL) or hold back (HB) available (field selectable).

Sizes: 30", 36", 42", and 48".

Doors: 1-3/4" thick metal or wood, specify if wood door.

Projections: 3-3/8" in neutral position, 2-3/8" in dogged position. Pushbar height is 2-1/2".

Stile: 1-3/4" minimum.

Electric Functions: EL - electric latch retraction, ED - electric dogging (both EL and ED require PS873-2 minimum power supply). RX - request to exit switch, monitors pushpad SPTD switch.

Fasteners: All machine screw mounting. Device mounting fasteners are concealed, latch fasteners are exposed to egress side.

End Caps: Black powder-coated metal end caps.

ANSI: Carry UL label and approved for life safety. Certified ANSI A156.3 Grade 1 standards.

Mullions: Removable mullions are available for pairs of doors.


• ANSI Grade 1 rating

• Available in a full range of finishes

• Optional electrified and panic functions

• Compatible with stiles as narrow as 1-3/4"

Model     Trim Package                      Type       Function

1790       No outside trim                   6              01

1791       Pull only (9970)                    6              02

1792       NL Cylinder                          6              03

1794       Pull w/ NL cylinder               6              02/03

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1790 EO Falcon Rim Exit Device

  • Brand: Falcon
  • Product Code: 1790 EO
  • $228.00

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