• 2092 NL-OP Falcon Rim Exit Device

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The Falcon Dor-O-Matic 2092 NL-OP is a Rim Exit Device for use with cylinder only, less cylinder.   

The 2090 provides balanced appearance, dependable performance and economical pricing, making it a popular choice where rim exit devices are required.

Falcon Dor-O-Matic exit devices are your best choice for narrow stile aluminum doors. Our designs complement aluminum and glass construction and provide excellent durability for a range of applications.

Entrance by trim when latchbolt is retracted by key; key removable only when locked.

Entrance by trim when latchbolt is retracted by key or set in a retracted position by key.

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Hand: Specify RHR or LHR, not reversible.

Functions: See trim selection chart on this page.

Strikes: SD36 standard.

Latchbolt: 1/2" throw hardened steel.

Dogging Feature: Hex dogging standard.

Cylinder: Rim, key entry (NL) or hold back (HB) available (field selectable).

Sizes: Field adjustable width, 41" crossbar standard, fits 3' 8" door width, extra length crossbars available.

Doors: 1-3/4" thick metal or wood doors, specify if wood door.

Projections: 4-3/8" extended, 2-1/2" depressed.

Stile: 1-3/4" minimum.

Fasteners: All mounting screws are concealed.

ANSI: Certified ANSI A156.3 Grade 1 standards.

Mullions: Removable mullions are available for pairs of doors.

Model     Trim Package      Type       Function

2090       No outside trim        4              01

2091       Pull only (9970)       4              02

2092       Cylinder only         4              03/04

2093       Pull and cylinder     4              02/03/04


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2092 NL-OP Falcon Rim Exit Device

  • Brand: Falcon
  • Product Code: 2092 NL-OP
  • $262.00

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