• DL5200 x K-BXSIM Double Sided Keyless Gate Lock

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Double sided keyless gate locks. Two separate products. The Alarm Lock DL5200 double sided keypad lock.  And, the K -BXSIM Keedex Weldable Gate Box.

This pairing of products is perfect for outside pool gates.  Pin code is needed on both sides.  To enter and exit.  Making it impossible to reach through gate and open inside lever.  No electrical needed.

Note: products may ship separately

Keedex K -BXSIM Specs

Weldable Gate Box 5-1/2” W x 10-1/4” for Alarm Lock & Kaba
Type: Cylindrical
Dimensions:  5 1/2” W X 10 1/4” H X 1 3/4” D
Material: 14 Gauge Steel
Backset: 2 3/4”

Keedex K-BXSIM Information

For Use With: Alarm Lock and Kaba

For Keedex Cross Reference See: http://www.keedex.com/CrossRef.pdf

Alarm Lock DL5200 Specs

Dimensions:  8" H x 3 1/4" W x 1 11/16" D

Door thickness:  1 5/8" to 1 7/8";

Battery operation:  5 AA's; appx. 80,000 cycles; low battery alerts; lock may be hard-wired with 9VDC or 9VAC power supply for remote release / battery backup

Operational temperature range:  +151°F ~ -31°F

Backset:  2 3/4" included (2 3/8" available at checkout)

Standard ANSI A115 Series prep, modified by adding additional through-bolt holes


Holds up to 100 user codes, 1 Master, 10 Manager codes & up to 3 one time user codes

Program at lock (on primary side of door)

Program users to have access through both sides of the door or only one side

Vandal-resistant construction with an all metal keypad.  Rugged clutch mechanism insures long life & durability

Weatherproof performance

Millions of possible codes.  Program in  Master, Manager (up to 10), User, and up to 3 one-time use codes

Individual, group, or total user lockout codes

Easy to install.  Retrofits cylindrical locksets

Visual and audible entry and egress indicators

Key override on primary door side (mirror key cylinder also provided on secondary side, however it is used solely to gain access to battery compartment)

DL5200 x K-BXSIM Double Sided Keyless Gate Lock

  • Brand: Alarm Lock
  • Product Code: DL5200 x K-BXSIM
  • $790.00

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