• 410 Series Stop-Only Concealed Overhead Door Holder

*Actual product and finish may vary

Glynn-Johnson 410 Series Stop-Only Medium Duty Door Holder is for single or double acting doors – interior.

The best door control device is one that operates overhead, with an arm functioning from the jamb to the top of the door. When the door stopping or hold-open does not exceed 110°, this device is by far the most efficient.

Glynn-Johnson overhead holders and stops should always be used on doors furnished with door closers, as closers are not door stops and should not be expected to perform that function. Glynn-Johnson overhead stops are designed to protect door closers from violent openings.

Sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Butts – Offset Pivots

Size 3 – 413S, Door Opening, 27-1/16” – 33”

Size 4 – 414S, Door Opening, 33-1/16” – 39”

Center Hung

Size 3 – 413S, Door Opening, 33-1/16” – 39”

Size 4 – 414S, Door Opening, 39-1/16” – 45”

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Four Models:

• 410H Series Hold-Open

• 410S Series Stop-Only

• 410F Series Friction Hold-Open

• 410SE Series Special Stop-Only

Five Sizes:

• Simple

• Standardized

• Each model is available in five sizes

*Sizes 1, 2 and 5 not available from stock

One Option:

• SOC—Pin-in-Socket Security Screw Package

Unmatched Convenience:

• Non-Handed

• Improved Compatibility with Door Closers

• Single/Double-Acting Doors

• Interior Applications

• Durable

• Easy to Install

• Improved Corrosion Resistance


Materials and Finishes:

All models are available in 300 series Stainless Steel, Brass and Steel substrates. The broadest range of finishes in the industry is provided to complement any design.


Glynn-Johnson 410 series holders and stops are designed for medium- to light-duty applications. They’re ideal for openings that are subject to normal activity, providing protection for the door, frame, hinges and surrounding walls or obstructions. All models incorporate the popular channel/slide-arm design and offset jamb brackets. This improved design allows for simple field modification of functions, should user requirements change.

410S Series Stop-Only:

(Suffix S) When the Hold-Open function is not a requirement, the Stop-Only function provides an effective method of door control. The Stop-Only model may be used on fire doors.

Application Information

UL Classification:

The 410 series Stop-Only models are classified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as Miscellaneous Fire Door Accessories. This classification applies to use on either Hollow Metal Fire Doors or Wood Fire Doors. Where Wood Door manufacturer’s listing allows for the cutout required for installation, concealed overhead stops may be used on those wood fire doors. These units may be used on doors of any rating. As a reminder, the Miscellaneous Fire Door

Accessories (GVUX) section is defined by UL as: “Miscellaneous fire door accessories are intended in the individual Listings. The accessories have been investigated to determine that when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, the accessories do not adversely affect the fire rating of the fire door and/or fire door frames.”

Heavy-Use Applications:

A heavy-duty holder or stop should be considered when doors and frames are subject to heavy, frequent use. Also, heavy-duty units should be considered on exterior doors subject to wind.


Suffix SOC (Pin-in-Socket Security Screw Package):

A screw package with pin-in-socket screws for mounting the jamb bracket to the frame is provided instead of the standard screw package.

410 Series Stop-Only Concealed Overhead Door Holder

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