• HL6 Glynn-Johnson Push/Pull Latch

*Actual product and finish may vary

The Glynn-Johnson HL6 is a Push/Pull Latch – 2-3/4” – 3-3/4” – 5” – 7” Backsets available.

Packed with ASA strike, 2-3/4” strike available.  Please specify.

Glynn-Johnson offers a complete line of door hardware, providing solutions for the most complex door control problems. The HL6 Push/Pull Latch offers versatility and durability for commercial and institutional settings. These models are designed for commercial and institutional doors up to 1-3/4", including fire doors. For doors over 1-3/4" please specify door thickness.

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Six Mounting Positions:

• Increases versatility

• Suits a wide range of applications

• Mounts in any of six positions

–Handles down

–Handles up

–One handle up, one handle down (either push or pull)

–Handles point away from latch

–Handles point toward latch

Four Backset Sizes:

• 2-3/4"

• 3-3/4"

• 5"

• 7"

Two Strike Sizes:

• Standard – 2-3/4"

• ASA – 4-7/8"

Seven Options:

• B—Brass Base Material for US26 and US26D Finishes

• E—Engraved Handles – “PUSH” and “PULL”

• EN—Entrance Only Latch

• EO—Exit Only Latch

• L—Lead Lined

• RL—Roller Latch Conversion Kit

• SOC—Pin-in-Socket Security Screws

Unmatched Convenience:

• Non-Handed

• Variable mounting positions

• No fusible link to fail

• UL listed for all labeled metal or wood doors

Application Information

The sleek design has a short throw angle, allowing the door to be opened with an easy push or pull action, even when hands are not free. For applications with the handles pointing towards the latch edge of the door, the 7" backset must be used. All other handle orientations may use any backset.


Suffix B (Brass Base-Material)

The option of using brass handles and covers instead of the standard zinc for the US26 and US26D finishes.

Suffix E (Engraved Handles)

Adds engraving to the handles “PUSH” and “PULL”. See page 12 for engraving guide. Engraved handles are not recommended for humid applications.

Suffix EN (Entrance Only)

The Entrance Only latch is appropriate for doors where only one side is used for entry. Order HL6EN for applications where no exit is required.

Suffix EO (Exit Only)

The Exit Only latch is appropriate for doors where only one side is used for exit. Order HL6EO for applications where the security of no entry is required.

Suffix L (Lead Lining)

The lead lining kit provides lead components to cover cut-outs made in lead lined doors.

Suffix RL (Roller Latch Conversion)

The Push/Pull Roller Latch Conversion Kit is used to convert existing Glynn Johnson 30 roller latches to meet current federal standard requirements. Minimal alterations are required, to the door edge.

Suffix SOC (Pin-in-Socket Security Screws)

The option of having pin-in-socket security screws instead of standard screws. Pin-in-Socket screws are provided for the strike, latch bolt and covers.



HL6 Glynn-Johnson Push/Pull Latch

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