• 415H Glynn-Johnson Medium Duty Door Stop, w/Automatic Hold-Open

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415H Glynn Johnson Medium Duty Overhead Door Stop, w/Automatic Hold-Open

Automatic Hold-Open mechanism activated when the door is opened to a preset angle. Each model meets the 250,000 test cycles required for Grade 1 classification. The Hold-Open feature is not selectable, so the door is always held open.

Hold-Open models provide a convenient method of holding the door open at a predetermined position for short or long periods of time, permitting an unobstructed traffic flow. The Hold-Open tension can be adjusted using an allen wrench through the end of the slider located in the channel mounted in the top of the door.

Glynn Johnson Overhead Door Stop/Holder Information

Door Opening Measurement

Doors With Butt Hinge or Offset Pivot: Door Opening - 39-1/16"–45"

Center Hung Doors: Door Opening - 45-1/16"–51"

For Stop without Hold-Open see: 415S

The perfect combination of form and function, Glynn-Johnson 410 series holders and stops offer effective door control and a low-profile design. Each model is constructed so that the channel is encased in the door and the jamb bracket is mortised in the frame. When the door is open, the arm and jamb bracket are visible. Conversely, when the door is in the closed position, the entire holder is completely concealed.

These versatile models can be used with most surface-applied door closers. The provided templates allow for variable mounting positions, ranging from 85º to 110º of opening. These templates are designed for installation in almost all types of doors, including doors with conventional butt-type hinges or specialty hinges.

Heavy-Use Applications: A heavy-duty holder or stop should be considered when doors and frames are subject to heavy, frequent use. Also, heavy-duty units should be considered on exterior doors subject to wind.

415H Glynn-Johnson Medium Duty Door Stop, w/Automatic Hold-Open

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