• PF28200A 7280 Henderson Pocket Frame Kit

*Actual product and finish may vary

The Henderson PF28200A 7280 is a Pemko 3’0” x 6’8” Pocket Frame Kit for 1-3/8” or 1-3/4” pocket doors to 200lbs. 

KITS (complete, ready to install) include:

1 ea – aluminum header track assembly

1 ea – aluminum cased wood studs (leading edge)

1 pr – aluminum cased wood studs (center)

2 ea – pre-mounted header brackets

2 ea – 100/200lb. hangers

2 ea – floor cleats

1 ea – assembly kit (hardware, stop, guide, and adjusting wrench)

With the PEMKO Pocket Frame Kit, doors slide into walls when opened. Space previously required for swing clearance can now be better utilized for decor or to give a more open feel. The PEMKO Pocket Frame Kit is user friendly and precision-made to last for years. Door actuation requires less than 5 lbs of horizontal force, meeting ADA requirements. Kits are available for 2x4 construction with 3-1/2" stud, 2x6 construction with 5-1/2" stud, and full 6" structural stud construction.


Features                                                                                               Benefits

Allows doors to be completely concealed within walls                         Saves valuable space

Requires less than 5 lbs of horizontal force to open                            Meets ADA requirements

Space saving sturdy design                                                                 Trouble-free operation for years of use

Knock down construction                                                                     Easy to assemble

Extruded aluminum studs with solid wood core                                   Reduces corrosion and minimizes bowing effect

Chrome plated steel hangers                                                               Corrosion resistant and maintenance free

Pocket Frame Kit for 2 x 4 Walls

-Heavy-duty hardware (up to 200 lb. capacity).
-Suitable for 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" doors. Doors over 1-3/8" must have PF134 kit.
-Extruded, non-rusting aluminum track.
-Knock-down construction.
-Extruded, aluminum reinforced studs (minimizes bowing effect).
-Rough frame opening dimensions: 2x door width + 1" - and - door height + 5".
-Pocket frame kit (PFK) includes: header track assembly (1), aluminum cased wood studs (4), pre-mounted header brackets (2), 200 lb. hangers (2) and floor cleats (2).
-Assembly kit includes: mounting hardware, bumper stop, bottom guide and adjusting wrench.
-Kit size: 3’0” x 6’8”. Can be trimmed in field.

Technical Specifications:

• Heavy duty hardware supports doors up to 175 lbs. each leaf

• Door actuation requires less than 5 lbs of horizontal force, meeting ADA requirements

• Extruded aluminum track

• Solid wood studs encased in extruded aluminum reduces corrosion and minimizes bowing effects

• Chrome plated steel hangers are corrosion resistant and no maintenance is required


PF134KIT - Must be ordered for 1-3/4" doors with 3-1/2" stud walls

*PFAS88 - An extra pair of 88" center studs with floor cleat for 84" tall doors

*PFAS100 - An extra pair of 100" center studs with floor cleat for 96" tall doors

PFCDKIT - Conversion Kit to achieve a bi-part double door frame

*Recommended for doors over 3' wide

NOTE: Sliding and Folding products are under warranty for two years against defects in material workmanship. See catalog for complete details.





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PF28200A 7280 Henderson Pocket Frame Kit

  • Brand: Henderson
  • Product Code: PF28200A7280
  • $149.00