• 2005M3 HES SMART PAK III In-Line Power Controller

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The HES 2005M3 is a Smart Pak III in-line power controller able to receive input from 12 to 32 Volts AC or DC.  HES Electric Strikes

The 2005M3 SMART Pac III™ is an in-line power control that is able to receive input voltages from 12 to 32V AC or DC. Built-in bridge rectifier. Continuous duty timer reduces initial voltage by 25% to extend the life of the electric strike. Includes built-in resettable fuse, MOV, voltage regulation and input status LED.

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Standard Features

  • Accepts wide range of input voltage: 12-32 Volts AC or DC
  • Output 12VDC or 24VDC, depending on input voltage
  • Smart LED Input Status Indicator
  • Built-in bridge rectifier
  • Built-in surge protection / voltage regulation
  • Supports fail secure or fail safe configured electric strikes
  • Continuous duty: reduces initial voltage by 25% after a fixed period of time, to provide cooler more efficient operation of strike
  • Self-resetting over-current protection
  • Configures strike eliminating need for voltage specific pigtails
  • Extends the warranty of HES electric strikes

Installing a SMART Pac III power controller with any new products extends the 1 year warranty on electrical components, including the SMART Pac III, to the full 3-5 warranty term applicable to each Series mechanical component as outlined in standard terms and conditions.

*Note: The SMART Pac III™ can not provide an output voltage greater than the input voltage.

This accessory enhances any of the following:

  • Folger Adam - All Series
  • HES - 1006 Series
  • HES - 4500 Series
  • HES - 5000 Series
  • HES - 5200 Series
  • HES - 5900 Series
  • HES - 7000 Series
  • HES - 7500 Series
  • HES - 8000 Series
  • HES - 8300 Series
  • HES - 9400 Series
  • HES - 9500 Series
  • HES - 9600 Series



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2005M3 HES SMART PAK III In-Line Power Controller

  • Brand: Hes
  • Product Code: 2005M3
  • $53.00