• E201UXS Kaba E-Plex™ Exit Trim w/Schlage "C" Keyway Key Override

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E201UXS Kaba E-Plex™  Exit Trim w/Kaba Cylinder (Schlage "C" Keyway)
Key Override included.
Exit Trim—Rim, Mortise, Surface Vertical Rod is an electronic access
control provides additional features beyond mechanical access control.

These products range from simple programming at the lock to more
advance applications requiring software for managing many users and doors.
PIN and/or card access locks allow management to set access schedules and
review activity via audit trail.

Warranty: 2-year warranty from date of installation; built-in warranty counter in lock memory

PIN Access – Electronic Pushbutton Lock - 100 Access Codes – PowerStar™ Self-Powered Option – Cylindrial, Mortise, Exit Trim

Model Option

E-Plex Battery Powered Lock

Function:Exit Trim—Use only for:

  • Detex Rim # F1001, Detex Surface Vertical Rod #s 20/F20
  • Dorma Rim # F9300
  • Von Duprin Rim #s 98/99, Von Duprin Surface Vertical Rod #s 9827/9927
  • Precision Rim #s 21/FL21, Precision Surface Vertical Rod #s 22/FL22
  • Arrow Rim # 3800*
  • Sargent Rim # 8800*
  • *requires 062-514-148 Kit
  • Locking Device Option

Key Override Option

Kaba Cylinder (Schlage "C" Keyway) included

Door Thickness:

Cylindrical Model: 1 ⅜" (35 mm) to 2½" (64 mm); Pre-assembled to

accommodate doors 1 ⅝" (41 mm) to 2" (50 mm)

Exit Trim and Mortise Models:

1 ¾" (44 mm) to 2 ¼" (57 mm). Pre-assembled to accommodate doors 1 ¾"

(44 mm) to 2 ⅛" (54 mm).


Cylindrical: 2 ¾" (70 mm) backset, 2 ⅜" (60 mm) backset

Mortise: 2 ¾" (70 mm) backset

Exit Trim Model: Varies by exit device


-Users—100 Codes; over 100 million possible code combinations

-Non-handed, pre-assembled for left hand door installations—easily changed in the field

-Lock is easily programmed via keypad without removing lock from the door or with optional E-Plex Standard Software (Version 3.2 or higher)

-Optional Key-in-Lever cylinder in Schlage C Keyway with black Kaba cap

-Small format Best and Equivalents (6 or 7-pin length)

-Locking Device Options:

Cylindrical: Cylindrical latch with 3-hour UL/ULC fire rating on "A" labeled doors

Mortise: American Standard Mortise, with and without, deadbolt; auto deadbolt available

Exit Trim: Compatible with most leading brands of exit devices, including vertical rod options (surface and concealed)

Operation Mode Options

-PIN access

-Passage—can be toggled on/off or can be pre-programmed to re-lock after a certain number of hours


Certification and Standards:

-BHMA Grade 1 Certified

-Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

-UL 10C 3-Hour Fire Rating


-Indoor/Outdoor Approved; -31° F (-35° C) to + 151° F (66° C)

E201UXS Kaba E-Plex™ Exit Trim w/Schlage "C" Keyway Key Override

  • Brand: Kaba
  • Product Code: E201UXS
  • $405.00

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