• PIP12VDCRU IEI Plug-In-Power Supply, 12VDC

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The PIP12VDCRU 0-291312RU is an IEI Plug-In Power Supply that is EISA compliant with auto-resetting poly fuse, 120 VAC input, 12 VDC output @ 2000 mA (2 amps) maximum.

“PIPs” That’s short for Plug-in Power Supplies. With these little gems, you won’t waste your time and money installing hardwired transformers, power supply boards, or dedicated power supply cabinets in your next CCTV, security, or access control installation.

These plug-in power supplies are EISA 2007 compliant with less than 1/2-watt standby power. They offer excellent efficiency and energy savings compared to the typical transformer/rectifier/regulator designs of the past.

On the input side, these PIPs contain built-in surge protection to quickly suppress harmful AC line voltage transients and line spikes.

On the output side, these PIPs provide accurate 12-volt or 24-volt DC regulation from 0% to 100% load. This is a tremendous bonus that allows these power supplies to be used for low current battery maintaining applications as well as intermittent load and continuous load high current applications.

These DC output PIPs are short-circuit proof. They contain auto-resetting poly fuses that protect the supply, and your installer’s reputation.

Output connection - 2 wire, + and - (screw connections)

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Features & Benefits

• Output voltage regulated at ±1% from 0% to 100% load, expands options for use in low-load and high-load applications

• Poly-fuse automatically resets after a short circuit, prevents unnecessary service calls

• Ground prong on AC power input and ground output terminal, provides input protection and easy panel ground connection

• Robust surge protection, prevents AC line spikes and transients from harming the power supply or the connected equipment

• Red LED power indicator, shows at a glance that the supply is operating

• Plugs directly into AC outlet, knockout for wall outlet retaining screw, easy and quick to install

• Acts as transformer and power supply in-one, no cabinet to mount



PIP12VDCRU IEI Plug-In-Power Supply, 12VDC

  • Brand: IEI
  • Product Code: PIP12VDCRU
  • $25.00