• HUB MAX II MODULE IEI Door Control Module

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HUB MAX II MODULE 0-295144 IEI Door Control Module(DCM)

The HubMax II Module provides single door access control with a wide range of features and functionality. DCM’s are added to the Hub Max II cabinet for system expansion of up to 64 doors. The DCM comes installed in each Hub MiniMax II, and in the first bay of each Hub Max II access system. All access and egress decisions are made at each DCM. When managed with Hub Manager Professional software, the DCM supports multiple access levels to control access. The position status of a door is monitored via a set of normally closed (NC) door contacts. Depending of the state of the door, the DCM will trigger a Forced or Propped door alert while recording that event in the transaction buffer. These transactions can be viewed with Hub Manager Professional to monitor each egress and access point.

IEI HubMax II Module Information



Users 2000 (HubMax II)

Base Capacity Controls 1-4 Doors

Additional Capability Network up to 64 doors with additional Secured Series Door Control Products

Audit Trail 1500 Transaction Buffered Audit Trail

Front End Support Each Hub Door Control Module supports two front end readers for IN/OUT operation.

Programming Hub Door Control Module support keypad or PC programming

First-In Auto-Unlock Requires valid entry to initiate auto-unlock schedule.

*Remote accessible via modem

Forced Door Alarm Relay/Timer

Alarm Zone Shunting Relay

Timed Egress Input

IEI HubMax II Installation

HUB MAX II MODULE IEI Door Control Module

  • Brand: IEI
  • Product Code: HUB MAX II MODULE
  • $308.00