• HUB MAX II IEI Secured Series Hub Max II Access Control System

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HUB MAX II: Secured Series Hub Max II Access Control System

HubMax II is designed as a modular Access Control System in one or more sites. You can start as a single-door system and then easily plug in Door Control Modules (DCM) to create a perfectly tailored access control systems to grow as the requirements grow. Each HubMax II comes complete with a HubMax backplane, programming keypad, mounting enclosure and a single HubMax II Door Control Module (DCM). The backplane provides expansion slots for three more Door Control Modules allowing for up to four Door Control Modules.  The HubMax II can be networked with other IEI controllers to create the ultimate flexibility in system design for up to 64 doors. HubMax II includes Hub Manager® Professional software that can communicate to the Hub Max system either through RS232, *LAN/WAN, or via modem.

*LAN/WAN communication requires the purchase of IEI LAN/WAN device, Model SEG-1.


  • 2000 Users
  • Network up to 64 doors
  • 1500 Transaction storage per door
  • First-In Auto Unlock
  • Eight Timezones per door
  • 16 Holidays per door
  • Programmable with Hub Manager® Professional Software
  • LAN/WAN Connectivity (requires IEI SEG-1)
  • Modem compatible (requires IEI SS-Modem)

IEI HubMax Installation and Programing


Power Supply 16.5VAC 40VA or 50VA Class 2 Transformer (Revere # RT-G1640SL/M, Revere # RT-G1650SL/M or Globtek, Inc. # DA-40-16.5G)

Current Requirements 100mA (backplane with one module); Add 40mA for each DCM

Front End 13.8 VDC, 300 mA (max. current draw)

Main Relay 12-24 VAC/DC, 2A (max. contact current)

Alarm Shunt, Door Ajar and Forced Door Relays 12-24VAC/DC, 1A (max. contact current)

REX/Door Loop Dry contact closure


HubMax Enclosure Surface mount

Height 4.25” (10.8cm)

Width 19.5” (49.5 cm)

Length 16.5” (41.9 cm)

Material 19 gauge steel


Temperature Tolerance -20°F to 130°F (-28°C to 54°C)

Recommended Use For indoor use only



Users 500 (HubMax); 2000 (HubMax II)

Base Capacity Supports 1-4 Hub Door Control Modules; Controls 1-4 Doors

Additional Capability Network up to 32 doors with additional Secured Series Door Control Products

Audit Trail 1000 Transaction Buffered Audit Trail (HubMax); 1500 Transaction Buffered Audit Trail (HubMax II)

Front End Support Each Hub Door Control Module supports two front end readers for IN/OUT operation.

Programming Hub Door Control Module support keypad or PC programming

Auto-Unlock Time Zones 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday-Friday *Eight user definable time zones for auto-unlock or access control *Sixteen holiday time zones

First-In Auto-Unlock Requires valid entry to initiate auto-unlock schedule.

*Remote accessible via modem

Forced Door Alarm Relay/Timer

Alarm Zone Shunting Relay

Timed Egress Input

Non-Volatile EEPROM Memory

* Indicates a feature is only available using software.

HUB MAX II IEI Secured Series Hub Max II Access Control System

  • Brand: IEI
  • Product Code: HUB MAX II
  • $737.00