• MAX3 SYS IEI Single Door Access Control System Kit w/Software

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The MAX3 SYS 0-205600 is an IEI Single Door Access Control System Kit w/Software that is Networked PC Based to provide users with a wide range of features and installation choices.

The Secured Series Max 3 access system hardware with Hub Manager Professional software is “access simplified”. The Max 3 is powerful and easy to install and program for small to midsized applications. The Max 3 system provides a secure and trusted access control system that uses proven hardware architecture that is based upon the Secured Series HubMax II system. System management from a PC can be either over a LAN/WAN connection or through a RS485 serial connection. All individual door access decisions and transaction events are stored at the Max 3 Module. The Max 3 Module is programmed via LAN, WAN, RS-485, MODEM or IR using the Hub Manager Professional Software. The Max 3 system is available in two cabinet configurations – Max 3 and MiniMax 3. System expansion is made simple with the modular design of the two available configurations. Up to 64 door modules can be networked together per site with virtually unlimited sites.

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System Advantages

-Fast and Reliable Communications. Industry standard RS485 communication can be used over either LAN/WAN, Serial, or Modem connections.

-System Dashboard Utility. A unique feature of Hub Manager Professional Software which allows operators to view the status and events of system doors, as well as lock or relock doors from a PC.

-System Setup Tasklist. Video tutorial and setup wizards that are available in a checklist user interface to indicate completed tasks.

-Configuration Flexibility. Accommodates single-door to multi-door installations. Multiple cabinet designs support distributed installations with Mini-Max 3 and home run installations with Max 3.

Max3 System FEATURES

-Max 3 single-door kit

-Max 3 oversized metal cabinet with lock

-One Max 3 door control module (DCM) installed

-Max 3 Backplane supports three additional DCMs

-One XF1050 AWID, HID, xCeedID, and Casi/ProxLite compatible proximity reader

-Includes system AC transformer

-Includes AC transformer and 12/24 VDC power supply for lock power

-Hub Manager Professional software

-Requires communication module

MAX3 SYS IEI Single Door Access Control System Kit w/Software

  • Brand: IEI
  • Product Code: MAX3 SYS
  • $820.00

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