• 6020 Norton Door Operator With Double Lever Arm, Standard Duty (Push Side) To 110°

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Norton 6020 is a PowerMatic® Low Energy Power Operator with Double Lever Arm.


Standard-Duty Double Lever Arm 110° maximum door swing Reveals 2-3/4" to 6-7/8" (70 to 175mm)

Adjustable for sizes 1 thru 6

6030 arms will be power operated to 110° but can be manually opened to 180° (call for availability)

Norton 6000 series information

The 6000 Series, the newest addition to the PowerMatic® Family of Operators combines intelligence, reliability and superior control in one package. Designed with the user in mind, this operator features simple to use electronics, an onboard power supply and easy integration into access control systems.

Designed for moderate to high traffic applications, this operator has a two-piece sub-assembly for easy installation and Lcd screen for clear and accurate read-out of operator settings. Available for push or pull side mounting, the 6000 Series can be operated manually or activated via wall switches or radio frequency devices. This reliable unit ensures consistent opening and closing based on dual mode, electrohydraulic technology and is ideal for hospitals, office buildings, sports arenas or government facilities.

• Ease of installation and setup – Simple instructions – Lcd screen and joystick controller

• Application versatility and ease of adjustment – non-handed units – Push- or pull-side mounting –interfaces with electric hardware– integrates with access control systems

• Operates as mechanical surface closer during close cycles or if power is turned off  –  critical for fire-rated doors –  clutch mechanism allows closer to function as a normal manual door closer –  door can be opened manually if desired

• Operation activation options – Wall switches – Motion sensor – radio frequency device – Push and Go

• Obstruction detection – door closes if it hits an obstruction while opening – door re-opens once if it hits an obstruction while closing

• Power Operator – When unit is activated door travels to open position


• Push and Go selector – As the door is manually opened, the operator "senses" movement and opens door to the full-open position

• Open/close obstruction detection –Open- door closes if it hits an obstruction while opening – close - door re-opens (once) if it hits an obstruction while closing. If the door hits the obstruction again, the door will rest against the      obstruction until it is removed.

• Motor startup delay adjustment – delays operator opening

• Vestibule delay adjustment

• Hold open delay adjustment

• Single Pole double throw (SPdt) relay output – SPdt relay output time adjustment – SPdt alarm output

• Blow open for smoke ventilation

• Presence detector input

• Selector mode switch – Off- disables signal inputs except blow open – On- Activates signal inputs – infinite Hold Open - door will hold open at set position until power is turned off

Electrical Data

• Power input 120 VAc, 60 Hz (+10%, -15%)

• Current draw 0.9A • Auxiliary output 24VDC @ 1.3A

• SPDT relay output for controlling electric strikes or electric locks not to exceed 1 amp @ 30 VDC


• EtL tested to uL/uLc standards for automatic doors used on fire and smoke barrier doors and CSA c22.2 no. 247 for operators and systems of doors

• AnSi/BHMA A156.19 certified

• Americans with disabilities Act (AdA)

• Meets requirements for uL10c for positive pressure

• California State Fire Marshall Listing 3266-0944:0110

• 2-year warranty (refer to current price list, terms and conditions)

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6020 Norton Door Operator With Double Lever Arm, Standard Duty (Push Side) To 110°

  • Brand: Norton
  • Product Code: 6020
  • $2,840.00

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