• 0161-08 RCI 24V AC/DC Electric Strike for Rim Exit Device

*Actual product and finish may vary

0161-08 RCI  Centerline Latch Entry Electric Strike for Rim Exit Devices 24V AC/DC for Hollow Metal, Aluminum, and Wood Frames

Designed especially to operate with rim exit devices. The 0161 has an attractive architectural appearance. It features a hazard-free radius design. Slotted horizontal holes on the 0161 faceplate allow correct alignment with the exit device before final installation. Locking Socket allen-head cap screws prevent loosening and misalignment which can occur with continual door usage. Crossed wires are never a problem as the coil is not polarity-conscious.

RCI "0" Series 0161 Information


For Hollow Metal, Aluminum or Wood Frames

UL Listed to 1500 lbs. of static strength

Universal design accommodates most manufacturers' exit devices

Dimentions: 1-3/4" x 9"

The 1-5/8" deep electrical insert* may be horizontally adjusted after final installation to correct door misalignments without altering the original faceplate location

Extensive horizontal adjustment

Accommodates 1/2" to 3/4" Pullman latch projection

Fully reversible (non-handed)


32D Brushed Stainless Steel finish

UL 1034 burglary resistant Listed

* A minimum frame depth of 1-5/8" for surface-mounted installations

Electrical:  Field Selectable Voltage

AC = Alternating Current
DC = Direct Current
Intermittent Duty = Energized less than 1 min with Duty Ratio 1:5
Continuous Duty = Energized 1 min. or more

0161-05  Fail Locked           24V AC                 Intermittent            Buzz       0.07 Amps             215 Ohms

24V DC                Continuous            Silent      0.11 Amps             215 Ohms


3 Year Limited Warranty



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0161-08 RCI 24V AC/DC Electric Strike for Rim Exit Device

  • Brand: RCI
  • Product Code: 0161-08
  • $170.00

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