• 625RD Locknetics Red Palm Button 2-3/4" Diameter

*Actual product and finish may vary

The Locknetics by Schlage 625RD Red Palm Button 2-3/4” diameter Heavy Duty Pushbutton is used to control the ingress and/or egress of a door.

The specially designed 620 Series heavy-duty pushbuttons and 700 Series general purpose pushbuttons, as well as the 650 Series heavy-duty keyswitches and 750 Series general purpose keyswitches, offer momentary or maintained SPDT or DPDT contact configurations.

The 620 and 631 Series Pushbuttons are easy to install and operate. Their standard and narrow stile plates offer ultimate flexibility. The 620 to 631 Series have multiple button configuration and finish options provide enhanced architectural appeal.

Schlage 620 and 631 Series Pushbuttons also offer significant installer friendly innovations: screw terminal connections for the momentary action models, easy to install L2/ILL optional PC board offering backlit illumination for the cone with green and red LEDs for monitoring purposes. Additional options include:  Delayed Action, Double Pole Double Throw, Heavy Duty Plate, with several architectural finishes and extreme duty pushbuttons.

Locknetics 600 Series Pushbutton catalog

Features and Benefits

• Pushbuttons are available in 1-1/4”, 1-5/8”, and 2-3/4” sizes

• Two metal 1-1/4” button options: aluminum with engraved painted red “PUSH TO EXIT”, and red coated aluminum button with engraved “PUSH TO EXIT”

• 631 Push button available in 1-1/4” metal button, single gang and narrow stile.

• Two models of metal 1-1/4” button: aluminum with engraved painted red “PUSH TO EXIT” and new red coated aluminum with engraved “PUSH TO EXIT”

• Variety of colors and finishes available


621 1-1/4” Button, single gang

621-NS 1-1/4” Button Narrow Stile

623 1-5/8” Mushroom Button, single gang

623-NS 1-5/8” Mushroom Button Narrow Stile

625 2-3/4” Mushroom Button, single gang

625-NS 2-3/4” Mushroom Button Narrow Stile

631 1-1/4” Metal Button, single gang

631-N 1-1/4” Metal Button Narrow Stile


GID-EX Glow-in-the-dark “PUSH TO EXIT”

GID-H Glow-in-the-dark handicapped symbol

GID Glow-in-the-dark


RD Red


GR Green

BL-H Blue, handicapped symbol

BK Black

AL-EX-RD Aluminum button red coated, engraved “PUSH TO EXIT”

AL-EX Aluminum button, engraved “PUSH TO EXIT”

AL Aluminum button


DA Delayed Action (0-60 seconds)

AA Alternate Action Maintained

DP Double Pole Double Throw (not available with DA option)

L2/ILL 3 LEDs -green/yellow/red concealed within opaque cone (not available for 625/625-NS models)

HDP Heavy Duty Plate-1/4. thick Cast Zinc (standard - 626 Satin Chrome Finish)


SF-626 Satin Chrome (standard)

SF-605 Bright Brass

SF-612 Satin Bronze

SF-613 Oil Satin Bronze

SF-625 Bright Chrome

SF-1 White Powder Coat

SF-2 Black Powder Coat

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625RD Locknetics Red Palm Button 2-3/4" Diameter

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