• L9092EL/EU 06A Schlage Electrified Mortise Lock, Safe/Secure Outside Lever

*Actual product and finish may vary

L9092EL/EU 06A Schlage Electrified Mortise Lock,  Fail Safe/Secure, Outside Lever -  Electrically locking/unlocking outside lever, Outside cylinder (replaces L9080EL/EU)

Outside knob/lever continuously locked (EL) or unlocked (EU) by 12 or 24V DC. Latchbolt retracted by key outside or knob/lever inside. EL is fail safe (power failure allows outside knob/lever to retract latchbolt); EU is fail secure (power failure locks outside knob/lever). Aux latch deadlocks latchbolt when door is locked.

Lever/Rose Design: 06A

Outside Cylinder: Not Included

Finish Options:

605 Bright Brass

606 Satin Brass

612 Satin Bronze

613 Dark Bronze, Oil Rubbed

625 Bright Chrome

626 Satin Chrome

630 Satin Stainless Steel

Schlage L909x Information

L9090 Electrically locking/unlocking outside lever, no cylinder.

L9091 Electrically locking/unlocking both levers, no cylinder.

L9092 Electrically locking/unlocking outside lever, Outside cylinder (replaces L9080EL/EU).

L9093 Electrically locking/unlocking both levers, Outside cylinder.

L9094 Electrically locking/unlocking outside lever, Inside and outside cylinder.

L9095 Electrically locking/unlocking both levers, Inside and outside cylinder (replaces L9082EL/EU).


The Schlage L909x Series is the next generation of  electrified mortise lock. The series  utilizes the latest

technology to offer tremendous utility and flexibility.

Universal input voltage – accepts 12 or 24V DC for  installation flexibility

User selectable fail  safe/fail secure – changing mode between EL and EU is as simple as flipping a switch on the lock case

Low maximum current draw – 0.4amps  - allows multiple locks on a single power supply

Low holding current – 0.01 amps – produces minimal heat, eliminating “hot levers” in electrically locking applications and allowing reliable operation even in poorly ventilated wood doors

All-new RX switch monitors the inside lever with enhanced detection level that balances security with lever sensitivity

New modular RX design – RX can be added on at a later time without opening the lock case

Standard Allegion Connect quick-connect Molex system (can be cut off if traditional wiring splicing preferred)

UL listed for 3 hour fire door

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L9092EL/EU 06A Schlage Electrified Mortise Lock, Safe/Secure Outside Lever

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