• 218 Soss Invisible Hinge - 1-3/4"

*Actual product and finish may vary

The Soss 218 is an Invisible Hinge for use on wood or metal doors that have 1-3/4” minimum door thickness.

All hinges are shipped with the proper size wood screws, unless ordered without.  Do not exceed “E” dimension.

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A                                             1-1⁄ 8”(28.58mm)

B                                             7⁄ 8”(22.23mm)

C                                             4-5⁄ 8”(117.48mm)

D                                             3⁄ 8”(9.53mm)

E                                             1⁄ 4”(6.35mm)

F                                              2-7⁄ 16”(61.91mm)

G                                             1⁄ 16”(1.59mm)

H                                             1-41⁄ 64”(41.67mm)

I                                               13⁄ 32”(10.32mm)

Min. Matl. Thickness          1-3⁄ 4”(44.45mm)

Wood Screw Sizes #10x11⁄ 2”(4.8x38mm)

Soft Wood Pilot Hole No. 43

Hard Wood Pilot Hole No. 31

Machine Screw Sizes #10-24x1”

Hinge Weight 1.86 lb.

Wide Range of Sizes

Twenty-nine standard sizes, from light duty to heavy duty. Our larger sizes will handle doors of nearly any size.


When closed, the SOSS Invisible Hinge cannot be seen or tampered with.  When opened, the riveted hinge pin is non-removable.


The moving pivot point remains inside the hinge during travel until fully opened, eliminating an external pinch point on the back side of the door.


The installed hinge is firmly anchored in a deep, full mortise, which assists the screws in supporting the door, assuring a stronger, more rigid installation.

Superior Construction

SOSS Invisible Hinges are designed to give dependable operation for years. Standard hinges are made of high strength plated steel and heavy duty zinc alloy castings.  A selection of hinges are made of 316 Stainless Steel, see page 9 for available sizes. The #418 and #420 are available in Alloy Steel as well as Stainless Steel, see page 8 for further information.

Smooth Operation

All hinges have been designed to give smooth performance. The engineered, laminated link construction of the #218 and #220 models reduces friction for smooth, free hinge operation. On models #216, #218 and #220, an anti-friction space age material is used.

Fire Rated

SOSS Invisible Hinges are available in fire rated versions, from 20 minutes to three hours by Underwriters Laboratories UL. 

Engineering/Design Assistance

For special applications, unusual sizes and weights, engineering and design assistance is available free of charge. Consult the SOSS office.





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218 Soss Invisible Hinge - 1-3/4"

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