• 22L-F Von Duprin Fire Rated - Rim Exit Device - Lever Trim

*Actual product and finish may vary

The Von Duprin 22L-F is a lever trim (key locks and unlocks) Grade 1, Type 1 fire exit device with standard 230L trim.  22-F rim fire exit device for all types of single doors up to 4’ x 8’ (1219mm x 3048mm) or 8’ x 8’ (2438mm x 3048mm) double doors with 9954 or 9854 mullion, UL listed for Fire Exit Hardware. Fits door stiles as narrow as 4-3/8" (111mm).

Exit devices are a critical part of the Fire and Life Safety egress system and will provide safe and reliable service when properly applied and maintained. Von Duprin designs and manufactures exit devices in accordance to ISO 9001 Quality Management System and meets or exceed accepted U.S. domestic and International standards. All 22 series exit devices are UL listed for Panic Hardware or Fire Hardware, and are certified to ANSI A156.3, 2001, Grade1.

230L standard trim

230L standard lever is 06, but 03 lever is also available from stock.

Less mortise cylinder, std. cam.

Von Duprin 22 series catalog


  • Device Functions: Ships ready for all functions; EO, NL, TP, K, L
  • Device Handing: Non-Handed
  • Device Lengths: 3’ (914mm) – see minimum door opening chart below; 4’ (1219mm) – see minimum door opening chart below
  • Finishes: SP28, SP313
  • Strikes: 299F – Dull Black, single doors; 499F – Dull Black, double door with 9954 or 9854 mullion; Optional Strikes also available
  • Dogging Feature: No mechanical dogging
  • Electric Options: LX Latchbolt Monitor Switch; RX Touch Bar Monitor Switch; RX2 Double Touch Bar Monitor Switch; ALK Alarm Exit Kit
  • Miscellaneous Options: GBK Glass Bead Kit
  • Fasteners & Sex Bolts (SNB): Includes 1 3/4" (19mm) – 2 1/4" (57mm) Wood & Metal Doors. Optional SNB available for device. Sex bolts are required on wood fire doors.
  • Latch Bolt: Deadlocking, 3/4" (19mm) throw
  • Device Centerline from: 39 13/16" (1011mm) at center of device. Finished Floor 39 11/16" (1008mm) with Mullion
  • Device Dimensions: see 22 Series Catalog


22 Optional Trim

210 Series Trim
The 210DT and 210NL have a heavy 10 gauge (2.4mm) stainless steel escutcheon. Cylinder must be ordered separately for the 210NL trim. The 210K knob trim has a 10 gauge (2.4mm) steel escutcheon and uses the Schlage “A” orbit knob with six pin “C” keyway.

230 Series Trim
The 230EO, 230DT, 230NL and 230TP have a heavy 10 gauge (2.4mm) steel escutcheon. The 230L has a cast aluminum 3/4” (19mm) depth escutcheon. #06 lever style furnished standard, #03 style lever is available. 230L furnished RHR if handing is not specified. Cylinder must be ordered separately for the 230NL, 230TP and 230L trims.

110NL Cylinder Kit
Cylinder kit is available MD for metal doors or WD for wood doors. Metal door application supplied standard if door material is not specified. When ordering with device, specify function NL-OP. Cylinder must be ordered separately.


Operation Options

  • Standard operation, key locks and unlocks lever or knob. (Classroom)
  • Blank escutcheon, lever or knob always active. (Passage)

Lever Designs

  • #03
  • #06 Standard


SP28 (sprayed aluminum) or SP313 (sprayed duranodic).


Cylinders are not furnished with device or trim (unless noted) and must be specified when ordering. Specify finish when ordering separately. Only available with Schlage “C” Keyway. Custom Keying not available.

  • Rim – 3216
  • Mortise – 3215 (Schlage B502-191 cam)
  • UL Listings, Grade, Type, Function Options and Dimensions

Door Handing

  • LHR (Left hand reverse)
  • RHR (Right hand reverse)

Vertical Rod Dimensions -- Vertical rods are 1/2" (13mm) square tubing

22 Options and Accessories see catalog for detailed information
Less Bottom Rod - LBR
Less Dogging – LD
Pullman Latch – PL
Glass Bead Kit – GBK
Cover Plate Kit – 229
Vertical Rod and Latch Guard — RG-27

22 Electrical Options see catalog for detailed information
Alarm Kit – ALK
Power Supply – PS9
Electrical Power Transfer – EPT

Request to Exit — RX
Double Request to Exit — RX2

Latch Bolt Monitoring — LX

22L-F Von Duprin Fire Rated - Rim Exit Device - Lever Trim

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