• 6112 Von Duprin Electric Strike - Rim Device - Single Door

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Von Duprin 6112 Electric Strike is for use with rim exit devices on single door applications (hollow metal, aluminum or wood).

Designed to replace Folger Adam 310-4, minor frame prep modification required.

Note: Electric Strikes are furnished standard Fail Secure (FSE).  Also available in Fail Safe (FS) for added cost.  12VDC-.6A, 24VDC-.33A.

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Electric Strikes provide remote release of a locked door. They allow the door to be opened without retracting the latchbolt. This occurs by the releasing of the electric strike lip (sometimes called keeper or gate). When the door closes the beveled latchbolt rides over the lip and falls into the electric strike pocket.


Von Duprin is the leading manufacturer of premium, heavy-duty electric strikes known for their reliability, durability and security.


• Stainless Steel Construction

• Accepts 3⁄4˝ (19mm) Throw Latchbolt

• Non-handed

• Fail Secure

• Horizontally Adjustable

• Plug Connectors


• Non-handed

• Furnished 24VDC standard with 12VDC and AC operation optional. 16V solenoids available.

• Furnished fail secure (FSE) standard, with fail safe (FS) optional.

• Strike box is adjustable to compensate for any misalignment of the door or frame.

• Two piece plug connectors are furnished for ease of installation and for removal during strike servicing.


Developed with Von Duprin’s high standards and engineering expertise.

• Heavy-duty stainless steel construction.

• Tested to over 250,000 cycles.

• 1500 lbs. holding strength.

• 70 lbs. impact strength.


AC Operation

SO12 and SO24 are rectifier kits to convert AC voltage to operate the DC solenoids. These kits are field installable and plug in-line to solenoid.

DS and DS-LC — Dual Switch Monitoring (Factory Installed Only)

Dual switch monitoring option has two SPDT contacts, one switch monitors the tripper which is depressed when the latchbolt is inserted into the strike pocket. The second switch monitors the condition of the strike lip, open or closed and locked.  DS is standard, rated 24V, operating range from 2 ampere to 50 milliampere. DS-LC low volt gold contact switches for use on applications associated with computer control and monitoring, rated 24V, operating range 50 milliampere or below.

Fail Secure — FSE

FSE — FAIL-SECURE electric strikes require power to be applied to unlock the strike lip. On loss of power, the strike is locked. Field convertible with parts.

Fail Safe — FS

FS — FAIL-SAFE electric strikes require power to be applied to lock the strike lip.  On loss of power, the strike is unlocked.  Building codes prohibit the use of fail-safe strikes on labeled openings.  Field convertible with parts.

Entry Buzzer — EB

EB — Entry buzzer is available for use with fail-secure strikes. Installed in the frame and in parallel with the circuit, the buzzer will sound when the strike is unlocked.


UL Listed Burglary-Resistant and Electric Strike for fire doors and frames. A label for single doors and B label for double doors. Strikes meet the requirements of ANSI 156.5, Grade 1, 1992.

6112 Von Duprin Electric Strike - Rim Device - Single Door

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