• 8801FL PBR Yale Mortise Passage Lever Lock Grade 1

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8801FL PBR Yale Mortise Passage Lever Lock Grade 1 - ANSI F01.  Latchbolt retracted by knob/lever either side at all times.

The value of any product is equal to the quality of the labor and materials put into making it. And the Yale® 8800 series mortise lock is a perfect example that true quality doesn’t just happen. Meticulous design and engineering have gone into manufacturing a mortise lock that brings you versatility as well as uncompromising strength and durability.

10-year mechanical warranty.

The Yale 8800 series mortise lock is an industry standard product. Suitable for installation on doors 1-3/4" to 3-1/4" thick with standard trims, these products have a 1" throw stainless steel deadbolt. The latchbolt is 3/4" throw with stainless steel two-piece antifriction camming action.

Yale 8801 mortise information



The 8800FL meets accessibility guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the requirements of the Uniform Federal Accessibility standards and ANSI 117.1, all requiring ease of accessibility for the handicapped.


Certified ANSI/BHMA A156.13, Series 1000, Operational Grade 1 (8800FL with CN escutcheon & SL8800 meet Security Grade 1).

Bevel Front

Yale 8800 series fronts are free floating to adjust from flat to the standard bevel of 1/8" in 2".

Door Thickness

8800 series mortise locks are supplied as standard for 1-3/4" thick doors. For other than standard, specify the door thickness on the order: (i.e. 2", 2-1/4", etc.)


8800 series mortise locks conform to ANSI/BHMA Specifications A156.115 which cover hardware preparations for steel doors and steel frames and A156.115-W which cover hardware preparations for wood doors with wood or steel frames.

Knurled Designs

Where required by the local authority, trim can be knurled to be identifiable to the touch for blind persons. All knob designs except CA may be ordered knurled; all lever designs except designer trim and Reflections® trim may be ordered knurled.

Only the outside knob or lever will be knurled or abrasive coated unless specified otherwise. To order a complete lockset knurled or abrasive coated, suffix the lockset model number with “Knurled” or “Abrasive Coated,” i.e. LF x CN8807 x “Knurled,” LF x CN8817-2 x “Knurled Inside Only,” AU x CN8828FL “Abrasive Coated.”

Lead Shielding

All Yale 8800 series mortise locks are available with a lead shield for installation in lead-lined doors. To order, suffix the lockset model number with “lead-lined.”

Quick Reversibility

Yale mortise locks with the same trim on both sides (knob x knob or lever x lever) are field reversible. These locks can be converted to accommodate the hand of the door. However, to reduce installation costs, it is recommended that the hand of the door be specified for each lockset ordered. If the hand of the door is not specified, RH will be furnished.

Underwriters Laboratories

(UL - cUL)Yale 8800 series mortise locks have been listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for use on fire doors having a rating up to and including 3 hours and for use on 20 minute wood doors. This pertains to single swing doors not exceeding 4 feet in width and 8 feet in height and in doors mounted in pairs not exceeding 8 feet in either direction (unless otherwise noted in the individual listings.)

In general, single-point mortise locks or latches with 3/4" minimum latch throw are intended for the active leaf of doors mounted in pairs, with the inactive leaf provided with top and bottom flush or surface bolts of the manual, automatic, or self-latching type. The door Classification Marking specifies the minimum latch throw required for the individual door.

Yale 8800 series mortise locks with 3/4" throw latchbolts may also be used on single swing doors rated 1-1/2 hours or less, up to 4 feet in width and 9 feet in height. This is in addition to the rating mentioned above. All Yale 8800 Series Mortise Locks with Lever Handle Trim are UL listed for fire door applications. Underwriters Laboratories does not list locks with rabbeted fronts, locks with deadbolt only, or locks with hold-back feature on the latchbolt.

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8801FL PBR Yale Mortise Passage Lever Lock Grade 1

  • Brand: Yale
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