• RN11 Yale Key Blanks - 6 Pin - Box of 50

*Actual product and finish may vary

The Yale RN11 (6 pin) key blanks are vailable in various keyways, see below. 

E1R (Para), GA, GB, GC, GD, GE, GF, GG, GH, GK, SA, SB, SC, SF, SG, TA, TB, TG.

Sold in multiples of 50, except control keys.

Yale offers .51" pin tumbler key blanks in several lengths and bow styles. All key blanks are supplied in nickel silver and are available in all .51" key sections.

Keys are available with special stamping, i.e. Do Not Duplicate. Custom die stamps are also available upon request.

Yale catalog

Bow Style – R - Standard bow furnished for all conventional keys.

Multiplex/Simplex Keyways

Multiplex keyways can be used together to expand a keying system. A simplex keyway is independent, stands alone and cannot be tied into any other keyway to expand a keying system.

All/Multi-Section/Single Section Keys

All/Multi-section keys can be used on more than one cylinder with different sections. For example: a key cut on the GV multi-section key blank will pass cylinder in the GA, GB, GG and GH keyways. Single section keys can only be used with cylinders of the same section. For example: a key cut on the GA single section key blank will only pass a cylinder in the GA keyway.

Active Keyways

Keyways which are available for new Yale® keying systems are considered active. In the case of new master key systems, the factory reserves the right to select the keyway from a range of standard keyways, based on usage in a particular geographical area. Common active keyways shown below.

Inactive Keyways

Many older Yale keyways are inactive. New key systems will not be established on these. However, they continue to be available to support existing keying systems.

Restricted Keyways

New systems on restricted keyways require prior approval of Yale Key Systems Administration. For security reasons, these keyway profiles are not shown.




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RN11 Yale Key Blanks - 6 Pin - Box of 50

  • Brand: Yale
  • Product Code: RN11 PARA
  • $69.00

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